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  1. Going4fun

    Endstage hips all of a sudden?

    Yes, things can change rapidly. You'll read people on this forum ... who knew they had some arthritis and some pain ... who held off on surgery a bit ... and then the pain suddenly increases and yes the pain can increase suddenly to excruciating levels. And sometimes the person has to wait...
  2. Going4fun

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj, it's quotes like the one above that make you Supremo. "Nodding and looking thoughtful"---such a great line! You have such wonderful self-deprecating humor. Your humor just adds such fresh air to the journey of recovery, to the journey of life, really. I'm still remembering and...
  3. Going4fun

    [THR] 7 months in, new pain

    The increase in walking ... and the bad shoes ... could well explain the pain. It's so tricky to pace our increase in activity during recovery ... it's so easy to think, "I can now do x." Well ... often we can now do x ... but not for consecutive days and not in bad shoes ... and sitting in an...
  4. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @CricketHip ... don't know about you but for me, there was tremendous psychological relief and optimism that came from working with a PT I truly liked--in addition to the benefits of realigning and strengthening the body. Glad to hear things are going well! I'm starting to think what applies...
  5. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    Thanks @CricketHip ... I hope your PT is going well. @Mojo333 ... love the distinction between discomfort and pain ...
  6. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @Barbaraj I think my sister is doing well ... Looks like I've be travelling 150 miles this weekend to pick her up as she gets released from inpatient rehab. Wow, you asked the $10 million question. Do I feel normal again? Hmmmmm ... I still can get soreness when I exercise hard ... but it's...
  7. Going4fun

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj, we ought to establish a new motto based on your words ... The tedious aspect of recovery. Tedious is the perfect word. Hang in there all folks who are in recovery. You'll get there.
  8. Going4fun

    [THR] Depression, anxiety R THR surgery 07/16/2019

    @crdva, sorry to hear of your anxiety attack ... Great sense of humor about being in the wet robe as the firemen came to take you to the ER. By the way, congratulations for calling 911 and going to the ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so wise and so smart. So many people hesitate, delay, feel...
  9. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @Mojo333 thanks for the encouragement. The surgeon said the liner on her acetabular cup had slipped out of place ... and apparently he went back in ... and fixed this in a short operation. She's up and walking ... it's so great to tell her that she's doing well ... She asked if the hips would...
  10. Going4fun

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    Loved these lines @Barbaraj! Wow, a gym buddy to prod you when you're a little slow ... so valuable!
  11. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @Mojo333 thanks so much. So helped by your encouragement and voice in response to me and to others. I am sitting right now in the cafeteria of the hospital where my sister has had bilateral hip replacement surgery (Tuesday and Thursday). She's just been told there is a problem on her X-ray of...
  12. Going4fun

    [THR] Recovery for a 50 yr old male

    Tough, Have you returned to using the walker or the cane? That is the key suggestion you've received here. I'm not sure anything else matters if you don't do that.
  13. Going4fun

    [THR] Getting Acquainted

    @RebeccaHB ... very strange that they offered you opioids when you didn't request them after surgery. Great to hear that you pain is seemingly minimal!!!!!!! To your first concern, a lot of states have indeed passed laws putting serious restrictions on doctors prescribing opioids. And starting...
  14. Going4fun

    [REVISION THR] 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    @Corey W, see if you can avoid evaluating day to day ... and instead do it week to week. Day-to-day can drive you nuts. Frankly when I look back ... month to month seems an even better time period, but that's unrealistic for folks who understandably want a sense that they are recovering well.
  15. Going4fun

    [REVISION THR] 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    @Corey W, congratulations for slowing down a bit. This truly is a recovery that pushing harder does nothing but slow you down. Literally. This is recovery that cannot be sped up. That's an odd concept for people who love to exercise ... and who are used pushing past pain ... in order to get in...
  16. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @CricketHip I can make a recommendation for sure ... several of them ... send me a PM if you want. I have to say: google reviews were dead-on about my PT. My PT and her partner were great ... and great about the psychology of healing. I have to say ... I felt my anxiety plummet after starting...
  17. Going4fun

    Hip Resurfacing vs THR. Anyone have experience with both?

    Ditto here. I looked very hard at resurfacing ... but I couldn't convince myself to go metal-on-metal. It also bothered me that only a tiny group of surgeons do resurfacings in high numbers. Then I discovered that a number of hip surgeons now think total hips (with recent materials) can handle...
  18. Going4fun

    Am I too young for hip replacement

    @chippa definitely talk to your surgeon about running. Frankly, I was only going to have the surgery with a surgeon who approved of my return to running. For the longest time, I was thinking of hip resurfacing. But then I learned that a growing number of total hip surgeons were fine with...
  19. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    @Layla, thanks for your wisdom all along the process of my recovery. About bringing my sister to BS, well ... I'll mention the site to her. @Debru4, on hard running and other activities. My surgeon is part of the Rothman Institute practice, which is big here in Pennsylvania and in parts of...
  20. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    First-year update ... (a few days ahead of time). I'm writing this update early because I've got two super busy weeks coming up ... During one of those weeks, I'm going out of town to be with my sister, who is having bilateral hip replacement surgery. She really needs the surgeries and I'm...

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