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  1. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Exercises to strengthen the gluteus medius, the area around the bursa.
  2. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    I have a ton of pt exercises to do, and ice and rest for the bursa. The stiffness when I first wake up is brutal, and my feet have completely flattened, ugh. :blackcloud:
  3. sequin98

    [THR] Second THR has been harder than the first

    I hear you with the differences in hips. While my right hip had zero cartilage, my hospital stay was longer, they used staples. My left hip started to complain 2 weeks later. I had the left hip done 11 months later. They used a superpath technique. I was only in the hospital overnight. No...
  4. sequin98

    [THR] Hip bursitis

    Hi @Sandy55 I too have this, started with snapping hip syndrome, Trying to ice/rest while rebuilding my gluteus med muscle, which pt says the weakness was the cause of the snapping hip....:blackcloud:
  5. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Thanx Mojo.. The OS said I have a bursa, and the pt said that the weakness in my gluteus medius is leading to that...ugh
  6. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    :) :-) (: Thanks Layla
  7. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Although my appt is days away, I just wanted to ask the forum...how often does snapping hip syndrome turn into bursitis?
  8. sequin98

    [THR] Still struggling<

    While I don't share the pain, I share the frustration of a slow recovery with a lot of detours. We shall overcome! :ice:
  9. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Thanks Layla...I wish it was happy....the snapping of my hip has yet to settle. While not always painful, it is always annoying. The OS said at the last appt to see him if it does not settle...looks like I will see him on the 26th. :gaah:
  10. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Thanks for the reply! I had a horrible nightmare last night that caused my to fall out of bed :yikes: I hit my head really hard on the bed frame. I came to on my left side. It seems fine, I think I'd know if something popped. I will mention it to my OS on Wed anyway.
  11. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Found this: It occurs when the pelvis rotates backward, causing the front to rise and the back to drop. It is caused by lengthening of the hip flexors and shortening of the hip extensors. As with anterior pelvic tilt, sitting for long periods of time, inactivity, and poor posture all contribute...
  12. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    My massage therapist said that my pelvis was rotated, and she was able to set it the right way. I think all the massaging of the hip flexor might of irritated it, I will have to ask my pt tomorrow.
  13. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    So my pelvis was rotated, and causing alot of grief for my hip flexors. anyone have this before? :what::shrug:
  14. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Here's hoping..acupuncture today!
  15. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    At least my iron levels are getting better! Thank you!
  16. sequin98

    Question about walking...

    I bought a manual treadmill before hip #2. So glad I did, with hip #1 there was so much smoke from the wildfires, that I never made it out. There was a lot of ice out there this time...forcing me to log 10 hours on the treadmill. :) :-) (:
  17. sequin98

    [THR] The sequel of Sequin 1998<

    Can you overstretch/massage a muscle? My hip flexor (left side) was so bad yesterday. I had to put heat cream on it, as I could not put any weight on that leg. Feels betterish today, but I am scared to stretch it. I am going for acupuncture on Tue to see if that can help quiet it. :what:
  18. sequin98

    [BILATERAL THRs] Grateful Double Hippy

    Love those In bloom...I bought these when I was in my 20's...I have a hard time parting with them..and walking in them now, lol
  19. sequin98

    [THR] Hippity Doo Dah!<

    Soooo much snow! I thought it was over!

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