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  1. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Elevation of Knee postop

    I used pillows with my TKR, but had problems with that method. Either the pillows kept falling over, or, when I pinned them together, the cases tore where they were pinned. So, with my revision, I bought the LD and was happy I did. I used it after my revision for quite a while, and have also...
  2. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Back Again

    Welcome back, @Kazilla , although I'm sorry you're having more knee problems. I hope you can get everything smoothed out and get your knee fixed soon. We know how hard it is to try to live when your knee isn't right, so good luck on getting things taken care of.
  3. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Aftercare issues

    After my surgeries, my quads had varying times of waking back up. I used a leg lifter to get into bed until I could lift my leg again myself. There are many different kinds of leg lifters you can use; whatever works best for you is the way to go.
  4. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Aftercare issues

    I'm sorry you've had so many issues and hope you soon get it all straightened out. I agree that calling your surgeon is the best way to get things done. If you choose not to have formal PT, you can just follow the activity progression steps in the articles Pumpkin left you. I chose not to have...
  5. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Left knee TKR

    You got this, @denn . Good luck, and see you on the other side!
  6. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Ready to go?

    Good luck tomorrow! I well remember those pre-surgery nerves. They're no fun, but it's almost here and soon you'll be on your way to recovery. See you on the other side!
  7. lovetocookandsew

    TKR TKR risk of blood clots

    IME, most surgeons require some kind of post surgery blood clot prevention regimen. After one surgery, my OS just had me take baby aspirin, another time he had me giving myself shots. As long as your ortho surgeon is aware of your issue, and you've spoken to your oncologist also, and they both...
  8. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Ready to go?

    Sounds like you're ready to go. Good luck! One suggestion-if you can get an ice machine, I totally recommend it. I also made ice packs myself-but I used them for the back of my knee as needed. I had ice machines for icing as they last a long time between changing out the frozen water bottles...
  9. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I'm almost 5 months out and have been doing much better. I've had a little setback the last couple of days, but hopefully that'll resolve soon and I can get on with things. The surgery in the femur has been a total success and has stopped the tip pain completely. The tibial repair doesn't seem...
  10. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Dealing with negativity

    I get that he's family, but family can be wrong. Arguing with someone who has made up his mind, is without a medical degree, who is also not your surgeon, can drive one nuts. Tell him you would like his support; not his advice. He's already given his opinion, and it's time to stand up and let...
  11. lovetocookandsew

    TKR Take Two

    I'd go for the second TKR as it is possible that your bad knee is causing more of your issues than you know. Walking with a limp on one knee may not be helping your new knee, or your back, and having two good knees might take the stress off your good knee and your back when you are walking in a...
  12. lovetocookandsew

    TKR How is a TKR in the cold?

    I've never felt the cold in my knee. Granted, I don't live somewhere like Alaska, but even visiting snowy places my knee is never bothered by cold.
  13. lovetocookandsew

    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Gatoccats pre op shoulder story

    I also cannot take any form of opoid pain medication. I honestly don't know if they can use the same pain relief protocols for a shoulder as they used for my knee revision, but I'd speak to my surgeon about what he can do for you. I had an epidural placed just before the surgery that stayed in...
  14. lovetocookandsew

    TKR What finally made you decide to have a knee replacement?

    Spending years and years of your life in pain and unable to live your life to the fullest, is not a good thing. Think of all the living you'll miss out on while you wait until some magic age where the doctor thinks you're "old enough". This thinking, IMO, was maybe a little valid back when...
  15. lovetocookandsew

    Bilateral TKR Lounge Doctor?

    When I was looking to buy my LD, I also looked at the inflatable one. After reading many reviews about how it develops slow leaks quickly, thus won't hold air, I decided the chance wasn't worth taking. The last thing I needed when trying to recover from surgery, and elevate my leg, was a faulty...
  16. lovetocookandsew

    TKR I did it!!

    I've never been able to use a cane the 'right' way. I tried more than once to use a cane on my left side, but I was never able to do so. It hasn't harmed my knee, and it gave me the extra support I needed. Use the cane on the side that helps keep you secure and steady, rather than the 'proper'...
  17. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Isn't that the truth. But I like a lot of their stuff so must suffer the stress once in a while. What really bites is today we found out from the guy who will be setting up our installation that the four cabinets we bought for the uppers in the laundry room won't fit as they need a little space...
  18. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I saw my surgeon for my three month post-op visit today. He said I'm doing much better, and noticed that I'm walking fairly briskly. Although my flex is only around 90 due to all the continued swelling, which bites, my extension is really good. I am beginning to fear the swelling once again...
  19. lovetocookandsew

    TKR I did it!!

    I agree 100% with Jockette. Every recovery is different, and there is no timeframe set in stone for any part of it. Your knee has it's own timetable and the very best thing you can do is listen to it, and to your body. I do know how you feel though, as I'm in a similar boat and want to be back...
  20. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    When you have a revision, they need to put in longer posts in your femur and tibia. They have to drill into the bone to make room for the posts, and your bone then needs to remodel around the posts. Most people's bone remodels quickly, some take a little longer, but basically everyone's bones do...


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