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  1. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Strut graft

    I'm scheduled to have my femoral and tibial strut graft surgery on Nov. 19th. Not looking forward to any part of it except the fully recovered part! And to add to the joy, I get to have a Covid test done.........grrrrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, please add me to the November Nimbles. Thanks.
  2. lovetocookandsew

    Alerts when following members

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this, so am posting it here. Feel free to move it if need be. I don't know why, but I am not getting alerts when new posts come up on threads I follow. It's not the first time it's happened, but the last few days I'm getting almost no alerts, and today I've...
  3. lovetocookandsew

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Well, I had my surgery early Tuesday, and am still in the hospital. They are having a tough time getting my pain under control, so tomorrow I am going to be sent to a rehab center. It's been a painful process; I had no idea it would be this excruciatingly painful, I've actually done quite a bit...
  4. lovetocookandsew

    Pre-op blues

    I'm a day out and not sleeping. I keep reading about "post-op blues". Well, I'm having "pre-op blues". It's all I think about now, and I'm a nervous wreck. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you're doing something like being up high and petrified of heights, etc? I have that...
  5. lovetocookandsew

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I know I've been remiss in not posting all these many months, but had so many things to take care of. And, to be honest, for some reason I haven't really felt like posting. Nothing to do with this site, just me, I guess. Anyway, my surgery is this coming Tuesday the 15th. I am dreading it...
  6. lovetocookandsew

    Recovering very slowly from illness, putting off the TKR

    Hi all. Thank you all for your care and concern during this illness. I am slowly coming back to the living. I have decided to put off the TKR for a while as I am really weak, and still have to go to the dentist about my crown that came off in the middle of all this. I plan to schedule the TKR...
  7. lovetocookandsew

    Surgery to be delayed again..........

    After being admitted to the hospital last week on an emergency basis, staying 3 days, now home but still quite ill, my surgery has to be delayed again. I haven't been able to go to the dentist to have my tooth issue resolved, and I need to get well enough to get that done. I also have to...
  8. lovetocookandsew

    Home from the hospital after a bout of Diverticulitis

    I've never had diverticulitis, so you can imagine my surprise at not only being told about it, but finding out I'll always have the diverticulosis which will flair back into diverticulitis whenever it feels like it. Hopefully, that won't happen often. I don't totally understand it yet, but I am...
  9. lovetocookandsew

    Surgery Date

    This really bites........my doctor's surgery scheduler called today with a date of Oct. 4th for my TKR. Then, when I told her I had to have oral surgery due to a crown breaking off this weekend, she put it on hold until the tooth is removed, and then it'll be 6 weeks after that. That puts it at...
  10. lovetocookandsew

    May I whine a bit today?

    My knee is hurting more these last few weeks; it's like it's snowballing. It's soooooooo swollen, it looks almost like I have a water balloon in there. To make things even worse, I just broke a crown and now will have to go to the dentist-a fate almost worse than death for me. I am more afraid...
  11. lovetocookandsew

    Getting ready for the after surgery days and weeks.....

    While I don't have the date yet-I know it'll be soon so am getting ready now in order to have things go smoothly after. One thing I'm doing is filling my freezer with pre-made meals made ahead and frozen in vacuum seal bags. All hubby will have to do is defrost and heat or bake, etc. Even he can...
  12. lovetocookandsew

    RTKR, will I need a LTKR in the future?

    Hi all. I am wondering.... I see so many here who have both knees done. As of now only my right knee is bad-the left knee still functions as well as it ever did. But does the fact that my right knee is failing mean my chances of the left also going are increased? I originally injured my knee in...
  13. lovetocookandsew

    Need to whine a bit....

    Hi all. I'm needing to whine a bit and know you all will understand and be sympathetic. Hubby, having never been sick (I think he had a cold once...lol) just doesn't understand. But I need some TLC right now. My knee has been a son-of-a-gun the last few days. It is really swollen-more so than...
  14. lovetocookandsew

    Going to do it..........who wants to join me for dance lessons after?

    Ok all, I've decided to get the TKR. :yahoo: :yay: Thank-you for all your info and posts. This site rocks. My next question is......wait for it.....drumroll please.....WHO WANTS TO JOIN ME FOR DANCE LESSONS AFTER I RECOVER?! :dancy: :happydance: :spin: I live near Sacramento and plan to do some...
  15. lovetocookandsew

    Rehab facility or home after TKR?

    Hi everyone. I told my doctor I wanted to go home after the surgery, but after much thinking and reading, I'm wondering if it's the best thing for me. I will have help, but my hubby likes to do everything for me when I'm unwell. If I try to do things myself, he wonders why I need him home. He's...
  16. lovetocookandsew

    When to do TKR

    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie, and would love some advice. I have been told it's time to do the TKR, but am wondering if I should wait a few more years. I have some pain; at times it's mild, at others it hits me like a sledge hammer but then after a short while that goes away. I have an arthritic...


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