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  1. DJL1967

    ACL Repair Torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus!

    @tomboy88 So sorry to hear of your mothers passing and your recent injury. I know how painful ACL and meniscus tears are as I had completely "blown out" both of my knees back in 1988 and 1990. I was a competitive freestyle skier and landed the wrong way putting too much strain on my right knee...
  2. DJL1967

    ORIF Broken Femur/ORIF surgery Dec. 20, 2020.

    @liam2015 I did not require a brace for the leg after surgery. In the accident I also fractured 4 vertebrae and messed up my shoulder so I was pretty much bed ridden for the first 2 months. The back pain was so much worse than the femur fracture but thankfully only required bed rest and no...
  3. DJL1967

    ORIF Broken Femur/ORIF surgery Dec. 20, 2020.

    @liam2015 Wow, I just read your post. So sorry to hear of your fractured femur. I know first hand just how painful your situation is as I have fractured both of my femurs, one at 10 yrs of age and the other 7 yrs ago when I hit a tree at high speeds while skiing. I did a pretty good job as the...
  4. DJL1967

    TKR Well it looks like I am in the Pre-Op Area since February 2019!

    Sounds like you and I have been on the same path. I signed papers to have my bilateral TKR's on Dec 19, 2019 with the expectation of surgery by 06/2020. By March 2020 all electives had been cancelled and I have been told the wait list is now 20 months from my Dec 2019 appointment. So, looks like...
  5. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer So glad you are making such great progress in your recovery. You are an inspiration for many on here, me included. Next month will be 3 years since I first started having significant pain in my knees. I am looking so forward to having my bilateral replacements and hope I can...
  6. DJL1967

    TKR 3.24 TKR at 39yrs old

    @FunkyFresh2021 Welcome to the forum. Much like you I have had bilateral ACL repairs and many clean up procedures over the past 30 years. On top of my knee issues I also have had bilateral femur fractures and 4 fractured vertebrae so, I have had my share of surgeries in my time. Finding the...
  7. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Tin Woodwoman's Twofer

    Absolutely! This forum has been a wealth of information for me since I joined a year ago. BY now I should have had my BTKR's and been back to work regular duties but, much like you covid has really impacted my surgery and I've been put on hold a couple times now. Like you said we just have to...
  8. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Get a *good* recliner (if you can!)

    @buckyswider Sorry the gravity chair is not working out for you. I guess when I had my fractured femur I never really worried too much about bending at the knee. Even though they inserted the IM nail from the knee to stabilize the femur I still had good flexion. Maybe as someone else suggested...
  9. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Nine months post Bilateral TKR

    @Fran55 Thanks for the updates over the past few months. I am having BTKR surgery sometime this year and I am so grateful for this forum. I have learned so much from people like yourself sharing your experiences good or bad. I'm glad you are progressing well with the knees but sorry you are...
  10. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Get a *good* recliner (if you can!)

    When I had my ski accident resulting in a badly fractured femur and 4 vertebrae my wife set up a gravity lawn chair in the living room as we do not have a recliner. This is where I spent a large portion of my recovery. The gravity chair can lock in place to any angle desired plus can be folded...
  11. DJL1967

    TKR New and even more scared

    @Carmencita Good luck today and all the best for a speedy recovery.
  12. DJL1967

    TKR In a quandary...TKR or wait??

    My BTKR surgery has been put on hold a couple times now due to Covid. I should have had surgery last summer and boy do I wish it had been done. I am an active person with a very high tolerance for pain and these knees are taking me down. I am hoping to have surgery sometime this summer if all...
  13. DJL1967

    PKR Which knee to have partial knee replacement help please

    That's a tough call. I am having bilateral TKR this summer, (I hope) but if I had to make a choice and pick one knee over the other I'm not sure which one I'd take. I guess which ever one feels more unstable would be the one I would choose. Good luck next week.
  14. DJL1967

    TKR I did it!!

    @Cococay Congrats on your surgery. Glad you are now on your way to recovery. Keep us posted on how things are going.
  15. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer You are doing great, thanks for sharing your progress.
  16. DJL1967

    TKR Cococay in pre-op

    Good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.
  17. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Bikinglynn's Recovery Thread

    @bikinglynn Thanks for sharing your story. This gives me hope that when the day comes that I have BTKR I will be pain free and feel "normal" again.
  18. DJL1967

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    This reminds me of when I had ACL repair back in the late 80's, when, post surgery you awoke with a your leg in a full cast. The cast stayed on for 6 weeks then I attended physio. Day 1 the physiotherapist had me lay prone on a table and had me bend my knee as far as I could, which was not too...
  19. DJL1967

    TKR Cococay in pre-op

    @Cococay I'm here too following along. Much like everyone else I appreciate the experiences that everyone is or has gone through. Following along with each persons struggles or achievement's tells me that I am not going through this alone. I have learned that we all have anxiety, frustration...
  20. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    @pamsknees " ..... It used to take great effort, one foot at a time to each step & resting at every landing & would hurt for days afterwards. A year ago I couldn’t walk all the way thru Costco without tremendous pain & stairs were impossible. " Wow this is exactly what I experience today. You...


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