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  1. GrannyC

    A little bit nervous.

    Welcome to BoneSmart. You are fortunate to have found this site before your surgery as there is some great information here as well as endless support. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. We were all nervous waiting for our surgery. I was nearly 73 when I had my...
  2. GrannyC

    Why Im so worried and terrified of THR?

    As others have said, we were all very nervous and apprehensive before our surgery but the thought of totally get rid of the OA pain pushed us forward. I have never watched the video of the surgery because as @Layla said, we can’t un-see it. I’ve seen a more cartoonish version and that was...
  3. GrannyC


    That sounds like a good question for your OS.
  4. GrannyC

    Anterior Hip Replacement - any negative experiences?

    I had anterior with no restrictions and was happy with results. I went with OS suggestion as I wanted what he was most comfortable with based on his experience. I agree with the others that the experience of the surgeon is most important. Mine did around 500 hips/knees a year. I found him...
  5. GrannyC


    From what I’ve read on the forum over the last several years, pain isn’t always necessarily in your hip. Also, different people are in pain at different stages of the OA. The first OS I went to told me he’d had a patient a few days earlier than was not as bad as mine and that patient was...
  6. GrannyC

    Ding ding Round 3

    Welcome to the hip side of the forum. I’m sure you will find some helpful information and lots of support as I’m sure you already know from the knee forum. I, too, have heard and read that hips are easier than knees so this will be a walk in the park :heehee: for you. Wishing you well!!
  7. GrannyC

    Pain relief

    I just checked back and see you are in Michigan. It might be very helpful to get that surgery scheduled before the bad weather sets in. It may be easier to find help in Nov than it is in Jan/Feb!
  8. GrannyC

    Pain relief

    Prior to surgery I used Alene. It definitely helped although the closer it got to surgery, the less effective it became. I don’t want to specify doses for fear of getting it wrong. You could check with your OS office to see what they recommend. I think Layla’s suggestion of going ahead with...
  9. GrannyC

    trouble committing to surgery

    It doesn’t sound like you are in much pain but to tell you the truth, I’ve read several times about collapsed hips and it is not good at all. I was not in as much pain as many but it hurt nearly every step I took. Sometimes there would be a more severe jolt. I slept ok and it didn’t hurt...
  10. GrannyC

    Hip Replacement in my future

    I’m sorry you have to deal with all these surgeries but the hip surgery will certainly take care of that terrible pain. I think you might consider moving the cruise to Nov as you mentioned that would be an option. It seems like you might be in less pain going sooner but that is something only...
  11. GrannyC

    Friday the 13th

    Wishing you all the best on Friday! It will be good to get this over and done with so you can move on with your life. You can do it!!!
  12. GrannyC

    Medicare Number of Consultations

    Thank you for the info!
  13. GrannyC

    [THR] Glad to be in this side<

    I hope you didn’t get hit too bad by Dorian @Mojo333. Nice to hear from you and @Layla as well. All is well here. I agree the summer went far too quickly and now it is already feeling quite falling here in the NE. It was good to see @MyAussieGirl pop in to say hello recently as well. It’s...
  14. GrannyC

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    The lunch plate looks delicious! I’d probably have followed that with ice cream I’m afraid. What a great six week report from dr!! No matter how good we think we are doing, it is always nice to hear that confirmation from the doctor. It sounds like you are well along with your recovery.
  15. GrannyC

    Two weeks to go...prep recommendations?

    I’d agree with all above although I didn’t get the grabber since I had my husband around to pick up anything if needed. I did get a dressing stick from Amazon and found that helpful those first couple of weeks. It works to grab clothes or socks you drop but not much of anything else. I made a...
  16. GrannyC

    [THR] Aussie's Posterior LTHR

    So good to see you again @MyAussieGirl !! Your post sounds positive so I can only assume all is well and you are doing fine. Hopefully lots of time at the beach this summer as we’ve had some pretty hot weather. All is well here with me. I’m enjoying all the nice weather I can as it will soon...
  17. GrannyC

    Here I go again, I hope

    @leejaa Small world! I live about an hour north of Syracuse between Adams and Sackets Harbor and just north of the Tug Hill area. We try not to schedule anything in Syracuse during winter months if it can be avoided because we would have to drive right through Tug Hill and as you probably...
  18. GrannyC

    Here I go again, I hope

    @leejaa I just came across your thread. I feel like you are doing very well with your wait. I can sympathize as that OA pain is the pits. I hadn’t realized how draining it actually was until a few weeks after my surgery. All of a sudden one day it dawned on me that I actually had more energy...
  19. GrannyC

    Surgery just a few weeks away

    Welcome to BS!! You have found the right place. Most people on here have been there, done that with the anxiety and second thoughts but we’ve found that surgery was the right decision. It is truly amazing how ALL that disappears and you soon get your life back. Recovery often goes faster...
  20. GrannyC

    KarenKat’s pre-op thread

    Welcome to BS! You’d come to the right place. I’m 2+ yrs post op now and I can say the new hip is amazing! I can’t feel any difference in new hip and my other one which thankfully shows no signs of OA yet. The pain is totally gone and range of motion is back. Please don’t hesitate to ask...

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