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  1. Elf1

    [THR] Struggle has been real!!!

    @Aline will be sending good vibes and hope everything goes well on Wednesday. Sorry you're having issues with your knee, hopefully icing again and using the breathing techniques will give you some relief. :console2:
  2. Elf1

    [THR] Wobble49's recovery thread

    @Wobbly49 wishing you the best tomorrow, hopefully you're fast asleep and having a peaceful night! :praying:
  3. Elf1

    [THR] Catirrusia's Recovery Thread<<'

    We're all here rooting for you @Catirrusia! :yay:
  4. Elf1

    [THR] September 7 RTHR :) - a bit worried though..

    @Sashka567 Happy Six Weeks and glad you had good visit with your Physiatrist and you feel much better. The OS really doesn't go into much detail, at least in my experience, he's just worried about the implant looking good. Have to agree with @swimmer77 about using your assistive devices for...
  5. Elf1

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj sorry your plans got waylaid by the weather but sounds like you still had a good weekend. I'm still trying to get used to the new mattress and the temperatures going up and down are wreaking havoc with my arthritis! Need to get back doing my exercises as well have kind of blown them...
  6. Elf1

    [THR] One day in

    @boots :welome:to Bone Smart, this is definitely the place to get the support we all need during our recovery. One of the advisors or moderators will be by in a while to leave you some great reading material to help with your recovery. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...
  7. Elf1

    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Have an absolutely amazing time, you so deserve it! Hope the weather is awesome and you have no pains, zips, nips or discomfort @ceezee!
  8. Elf1

    [REVISION THR] 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    @Corey W Sounds like the doc is on top of this, hopefully the antibiotics do their stuff and that there's no infection or need for further surgery. Keep up the great attitude and try to keep exercising that patience muscle. :angel:
  9. Elf1

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    Yippee, the mattress people just got here! :dancy:
  10. Elf1

    [THR] A new world..there better be coffee

    Glad you're doing ok and have power. Saw a post on Facebook that a relative posted from the hospital parking lot where they work in Connecticut. Looked like the two cars that were parked there were sitting in a creek. Stay warm, dry and safe!
  11. Elf1

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj those steps were pretty scary looking, kudos for you doing them multiple times a day. Happy Three Month Anniversary for Lefty, you continue to amaze me with all you can and do, do! Sorry your weather is dreary, hopefully it will clear up a bit.
  12. Elf1

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    @VSlowLife, yes I do, he's definitely a keeper! December will be 34 years married. :SUNsmile:
  13. Elf1

    [THR] Lucy's Recovery

    @HipLucy the lack of appetite is pretty normal, it will come back before too long. As far as BM, I would keep doing what you're doing, especially stay hydrated and it should work itself out before too long. Sounds like you're settling in to recovery and doing well, slow and easy, plenty of ice...
  14. Elf1

    [THR] Supersonic's Post Op Thread

    @Supersonic hang in there, you'll be able to take a bubble bath before too long and by then when it's really cold it will feel even better! :bath:. I just finally got the courage to take one about two weeks ago. Just made sure to be very careful getting in and out but it wasn't that bad.
  15. Elf1

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    Thanks for all the nice comments and reminding me not to sweat the small stuff. Not going to let someone bother me that only comes to my house twice a year when we have a parrty. Actually felt like the ladies from the hospital really took my letter and additional comments to heart. I didn't...
  16. Elf1

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    Hope the new magnesium helps, sleep is just so important for us. So excited, we're getting our Sleep Number mattress in Friday, really hope it helps our sleep. Love your new avatar, awesome picture of you two. Glad you get to spend some much needed girl time. I used to have that with my one...
  17. Elf1

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    Had a really great weekend, thanks everyone for checking in. One minor comment was made by a friend that ticked me off. Folks were helping bring dishes and stuff in towards the end and my one friend goes, wow, you really don't have a lot of counter space. I said I know, it's a small kitchen but...
  18. Elf1

    [THR] Well I’ve got my 2nd hip now

    @Hoppy Nanny wishing you the best tomorrow, will try to pop over on the knee side when I think you might be up and posting. Hopefully you're sleeping peacefully at this time, sweet dreams!
  19. Elf1

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    Afternoon everyone! Oktoberfest went well, weather was very cool in the morning which was great for set-up as it rained on Friday and we couldn't do a lot to preposition stuff. By the time of the party I think it was about 65 and the sun came out with a nice light breeze, was perfect weather...
  20. Elf1

    [THR] Fiona UK recovery<

    Glad to hear you're doing well and hopefully you can get the eyes taken care of soon so you can continue on your walks with the boys. Stop by once in a while and say hi! @Fiona444

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