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    [THR] On My Feet Again

    @Hip4life Happy hipiversary to you too my hipster sister!!! I read through your latest posts and saw that you had some set backs so I'm happy to hear that you sound upbeat again. And your hubby is right because mine has said the same thing. It does seem you need a real heavy dose of faith to...
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    [THR] On My Feet Again

    @Mojo333 Hey did you just take that off of the Weather Channel website, :rofsign:Before I went to bed last night I was informed that Jim Cantore (main weather guy) was in my town :martini: I love your humor Mojo, what else is there to do but laugh, prepare, and take what comes! That pic reminds...
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    [THR] On My Feet Again

    Thanks @Mojo333! Can't believe it's been 6 months. I live on the Treasure Coast just north of West Palm and it's had a big bulls eye on it since I moved here 20 years ago. Apparently this one is no different! :shocked: So holding my breath that it will be no worse than all the other ones I went...
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    [REVISION THR] Another Second Chance

    @inthebeginning I always look for your updates but still hold my breath hoping that all is still good with you. And it sure sounds like it is! What a journey this has been and it gives hipsters hope that life really can be good again. The thanks goes to you for sharing your recovery. :friends...
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    [THR] On My Feet Again

    Thanks @Mojo333, hip is doing great! Nice to have both hips moving along with no pain. Can't believe it's already been 5 months. Miss checking in with all of you but still "lurk" around to check in. :roseshwr:
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    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    Oh.My.Goodness. No way!!!! Ummmmm, how to even respond to that kind of treatment? My husband would have exploded and ended up in cardiac arrest. I can't imagine. No wonder you wanted to come home right away. This kind of story should be on the news channel. We all get it, nurse shortages...
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    [BILATERAL THRs] Is this normal?

    Hi and welcome to the forum @Ski Gal! . :flwrysmile:
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    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Hey I'll take one and wear it EVERY day! Have a good weekend @ceezee!
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    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    I think I'm going to print that out and put it on the wall next to my "recovery" couch! :rotfl:
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    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    @ceezee So true! Perfect description of our recoveries!
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    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Happy 2 month anniversary @ceezee! :loveshwr: Perfect celebration, lunch at your fave bar/restaurant! It's good that you're having more good days than bad..........great sign of good things to come!!! :flwrysmile:
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    [THR] Early Birthday

    I wonder if there's a forum for that! :snork:
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    [THR] Early Birthday

    :wowspring:Ouch, gotta love that Sweety! Maybe grill her something special for all of that! :flwrysmile:
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    [THR] Early Birthday

    @59billy I'm showing my age but Archie Bunker used that for Edith's "female" doctor :rotfl: Hope you can get some walking in today and keep up with your good recovery!
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    [THR] Early Birthday

    @Mojo333 And a brainocologist too????! :cheers2: @59billy, see what you started :loll:Whew, what a day!
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    [THR] Early Birthday

    @59billy I had my first THR in July and ugh!!! I swore never again and went for February this time......at least I got a couple of months of walking before summer hibernation in Florida.:groan: Happy to hear the "groinocologist" approved of your progress, but is there really such a thing as a...
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    [THR] ssbluewolf Recovery Journey

    @ssbluewolf Sorry you had a rough start this morning but your mood sounds positive and that's a good thing. It must be the 2 Emilys and coffee refills. Lucky girl! The first few days can be a little tough but they do get better. If you don't feel ready to be released be sure to let your OS know...
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    [THR] Questions on the road to recovery

    @Alleypally Welcome to the forum! If you've been reading some of the recovery threads, you've noticed a lot of posts on the TEDs. Some hipsters were never ordered to wear them at all while others have had to go 4 to 6 weeks. I was told to wear them during the day but to remove them at night. If...
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    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Great news @ceezee! You'll get stronger every day and no PT involved, just walking! :yes!:
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    [THR] Hard to know how much walking is good for me<

    @Brokefemur I'm not familiar with using cadaver parts so can't answer that! I'm glad the pain is better this time around; let us know how the OS appt goes next week.

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