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  1. Roy Gardiner

    My surgery is on a Saturday

    Welcome to BoneSmart, good wishes for your TKR intriguing.... :)
  2. Roy Gardiner

    [TKR] 2 years and sad

    In addition to the fine advice above, you may want to ask your original surgeon for a recommendation of someone in your area. He may well know who the best are.
  3. Roy Gardiner

    Compression stockings

    Hi SB1249, yes your post is in the correct place, welcome to BoneSmart. Knee Recovery: The Guidelines 1. Don’t worry: Your body will heal all by itself. Relax, let it, don't try and hurry it, don’t worry about any symptoms now; they are almost certainly temporary 2. Control discomfort: rest...
  4. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    :thumb: Sounds good; all I'd say (and I'm sure you've already thought of this) make sure it's OK for post-recovery too, that you actually like the place!
  5. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    :thumb: And if it's really one level - no steps at all inside the house - that's great.
  6. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    Exactly my thinking, me being too chicken to do the 2nd one! You won't go home until you can get out of bed, walk a little way, and go up a few stairs. Then as long as your bathroom is nearby, you'll be fine. It won't be easy, but it will be possible.
  7. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    I am very much in favour of BTKR over one at a time. But I had my wife to look after me, so you have a bigger challenge. With BTKR you will be able to get up and get around, slowly, if you're all on one level in your house. Ideally a bathroom will be nearby. I am so keen on BTKR that I'd...
  8. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    Will you be alone in the month after surgery? You won't want to go back. I've just been out for an hour & it's not my knees that govern the time or speed! You can follow my recovery from my signature, below, if you like.
  9. Roy Gardiner

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    My experience was that the bike was good for me, without reservation. I, too, felt better after riding. I am sure that because it's low impact and rapid movement it improves lubrication within the joint. This may be nonsense, but it feels that way and that was good enough for me. I would...
  10. Roy Gardiner

    [TKR] Over It

    Do you have reasonable ROM? You can improve ROM with pain-free stretching exercises. As a dancer I'm sure you know about stretching. Walking is good, you should go for discomfort but not pain. Little but often. Pushing through exercise isn't good, you are probably compounding damage. I'd...
  11. Roy Gardiner

    partial knee replacement for biker,skier, skater

    Yes. 125 miles, if you like. Knees won't limit cycling performance.
  12. Roy Gardiner

    [BILATERAL TKR] Recovery

    Absolutely. :happydance: That's brilliant. Relax, please don't worry, take your meds, relax, have I said 'take it easy'? I'd say stay in hospital as long as you can. Is your home environment set up in order for you to be able to do very little?
  13. Roy Gardiner

    [MUA] How to avoid surgical manipulation TKR

    True but misleading. Pre-op ROM will be limited by (for example) bone spurs, which spurs are removed during surgery. Spurs will mean that soft tissue will have shortened over the years, and that improving ROM will mean that tissue extending again. This takes time, but can and will happen...
  14. Roy Gardiner

    Ambivalence: in Denial or is it Not Time Yet?

    You might. But then you're not highly active now. Why wait? Arthritis is only going to get worse. You are now at the peak of what you'll ever be able to do, I don't suppose you're pleased to hear. Highly unlikely in my opinion. My knees are better than they were for maybe 20 years before...
  15. Roy Gardiner

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    Sorry; either (a) they were released by MUA or (b) never there. Either way, good result. Indeed, please check the threads from my sig below
  16. Roy Gardiner

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    OK, that means 110 is possible and that you haven't got 'adhesions'. This is good news. I know nothing of psoriatic arthritis; I do know that painful 'therapy' is in fact counter-productive. Stretching exercises are good, but only to the point of discomfort, not pain. Absolutely incorrect...
  17. Roy Gardiner

    [TKR] Tutters’ TKR Recovery

    You can't really do too little, just relax, take it easy, let the body take over. A few gentle stretches, maybe, but no pain.
  18. Roy Gardiner

    So much pain

    You will still have pain post-op as it's major surgery BUT it will only get better, unlike the pain you have now that will only get worse. It'll all be done soon :)
  19. Roy Gardiner

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    Did your surgeon report to you on what happened during MUA? Did they 'break' scar tissue and get your knees to a good bend, or what?

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