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  1. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    Hi Bonesmarties! It’s been a while. I am at 7 months now. Woohoo!!! Things with the knee are going great I am doing the stairs just fine now. My tolerance for standing is good and I hardly ever think about the knee at all. I am actually considering an attempt at my favorite activity... hiking...
  2. Irish471

    [TKR] Lindylee's recovery thread<

    @Lindylee , it's good to see an update from you! Glad it's been going well and hope that other knee holds up for you. I couldn't imagine doing my other knee within the first year. I would if I had to, but thankfully, it's been surprisingly okay! I hear you about the stairs. That's the last...
  3. Irish471

    [REVISION TKR] Elaine’s slow-as-a-snail revision recovery

    @Thatlldo , love the mantra! I have used that one, too. At the time, I was on a weight loss journey and wasn't really thrilled about exercising. I saw someone at the gym struggling with an injury but they were there doing it, pushing forward. That's when I said, you know what, rough with the...
  4. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @Benay , good advice! I will try that tomorrow at work. @eelainea65 , I actually work for a very large company but I have been with my boss for 17 years and he is super understanding, thank God! Being able to work from home was a huge help! I am still praying for you to turn the corner soon...
  5. Irish471

    [REVISION TKR] Motherbone's Recovery Thread

    @Motherbone , you have had such a difficult journey! My heart goes out to you. My wish for you is that all of this will be a distant memory soon :console2: Sending you lots of prayers as you heal that ankle!
  6. Irish471

    [KNEE INFECTION] Where to go to fix a serious infection after TKR

    @rvl3240 , I just read your post and wanted to offer all of my prayers to your father!!! How scary this must be for all of you!
  7. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    Having a bit of insomnia. Yawn! Wide awake and it's 3:00 a.m. So what do I do? Go to Bonesmart and check in, of course :wave: Not too much is new with the knee. Some swelling has gone away because I can finally recognize my kneecap. I am still stretching the calves out every day. If I skip the...
  8. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @FCBayern , thanks! That's so funny you mentioned the ice machine. I just packed mine up this weekend :heehee:
  9. Irish471

    [TKR] No Kneecaps and a TKR<

    @sistersinhim , when is your dr. appointment? Things haven't been right since your fall :oyvey: I hope it's not a loose implant causing you all this pain. Praying for the best!
  10. Irish471

    [MUA] Still only 75 degree bend at 23 weeks

    @Jo10221 , what was your flexion prior to surgery? Josephine will have great advice for you! I agree with the others. Sometimes we overdo it and never really give the knee a chance to heal. I took 2 weeks off from PT recently and I gained 3 degrees flexion. It's definitely worth a try!
  11. Irish471

    [TKR] Survivor Diaries

    @Benay, ahhhh....the coveted 120!!! Good for you! I'm still not there yet and I am at 16 weeks. And descending the stairs are my last goal for PT. The rise definitely makes a huge difference! I am going to measure mine at home. I can do the stairs at PT and the rise on those is 6". I want...
  12. Irish471

    [TKR] Hedie's recovery thread

    @Hedie , welcome! Listen to what @Roy Gardiner said, because it's spot on. The first few weeks quite frankly were awful, but every week, you'll get better and better. And you'll join the rest of us who say we were glad we did it. Just take things slow and take care of your new knee right...
  13. Irish471

    [REVISION TKR] Elaine’s slow-as-a-snail revision recovery

    @eelainea65 , I am hoping that one of these days, you're going to wake up and find you've turned the corner! Are you taking anything to target the swelling? I was on meloxicam for quite some time and it helped. Religiously ice that stubborn knee of yours. At 16 weeks, I still ice multiple...
  14. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    Well, I haven't quite graduated from the PT yet, BUT I am going to cut back to just weekly check-ins. We talked about what goals I still wanted to work on and it's just down to one...descending the stairs at home! It will require more quad strength so that will be the focus from here on out...
  15. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @eelainea65 , aren't you sweet! It took me a while to be able to wear jeans. I went back to work at 7 weeks, so that's when I forced myself to wear them. I much preferred the soft cotton pants and my PJs, but I couldn't quite get away with that in the office :heehee: Are you taking anything...
  16. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    16 weeks (4 months) post op!!! We went out of town last week. It was my first plane trip (San Francisco --> Minneapolis). I thought for sure there would be some kind of special pat down going through security, but they millimeter wave screening machine didn't detect a thing! I don't know...
  17. Irish471

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    Celebrating a small victory today :egypdance: This morning, I went to leave the house and did one of those accidental stair maneuvers forgetting that I'm not quite ready to go down the stairs normally. Or so I thought. I told my PT about it and the knee was moving really good today so we went...
  18. Irish471

    [TKR] Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    @Rockgirl4 , that's all awesome stuff! Just be a little careful not to overdo it. It tends to happen when you're finally feeling better. :yahoo:
  19. Irish471

    [TKR] 14 weeks post op

    @julie1968 , I agree with lindylee. I have had all kinds of aches and periodic pains at 3+ months post op and sometimes I have to do process of elimination to figure out what caused it. It's usually related to PT. I have noticed most of my pain is on the lateral/outside. Sometimes just below...
  20. Irish471

    [REVISION TKR] Jolease's knee saga part 3<^

    @Jolease , dear Lord, that's just awful :cry: Brings a year to my eye to read about your friend! To have gone through all that the surgery entails and suffer a blood clot after a month and pass away...gosh, I just can't fathom that. I am so sorry! I am also praying your recovery improves. This...

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