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  1. Eman85

    RTHR done - happy with that. Bad news: my left hip is showing signs

    I fully understand the timing deal with work and all. My company came up with a policy that forced me in some ways to wait until I could retire if or when they didn't let me come back. They obliged so I was able to retire.
  2. Eman85

    Thinking again on surgery!

    Not a clue. I have what my OS put in and he told me he's using the same manufacturer but the new and improved model. He's a class act and knows what he's doing so I'm going with his choice. If I remember mine is Stryker and it works.
  3. Eman85

    [THR] September 7 RTHR :) - a bit worried though..

    Walking in the pool is great, I had to wait a little longer for it to warm up before I could get in our pool. The only thing to watch for is it's easy to get a little sloppy and pivot the wrong way easily. Real easy to overdo it too as it's easy to walk in the water.
  4. Eman85


    Over the years I've had many surgeries but so far 1 THR, waiting for my next THR which should be in Nov. I never had a choice before and always had general. I was given a choice for the THR and had known ahead of time so I went with the spinal and will again. GA requires a breathing tube now and...
  5. Eman85

    [THR] September 7 RTHR :) - a bit worried though..

    Pain at 6 weeks is pretty normal, along with having to relearn how to walk. My method for walking was to go to the big superstore near me. I would park at the furthest shopping cart corral that had carts. I could leave my cane in the car and get a cart from the corral. I'd then walk the parking...
  6. Eman85

    Too tall: Ideas for a chair?

    I sat in a recliner most of the time. The other chair I used was a white plastic chair with a pad in it. it was comfortable and the arms were strong enough that I could lift myself out of it. I used one at the dining room table and had one on the deck for outside sitting.
  7. Eman85

    [THR] Steelmanpa's Recovery Thread

    Follow up with the OS is always a Howya Doin? Aside from a bandage,staples or stitches removal there isn't much else unless you're not doin' good. The later follow ups are basically the same as the OS is usually only concerned with the condition of the implant or if you have an infection.
  8. Eman85

    RTHR done - happy with that. Bad news: my left hip is showing signs

    I have had bad hips for decades and my left was always the bad hip. After the left was replaced and I recovered I felt great and was hoping to keep my right to the grave. Unfortunately the right started acting up and has now gotten worse than the left ever thought of being so it's back for round...
  9. Eman85


    I spent 1 night in the hospital but I could have stayed longer if I wanted, I didn't see a need. For the Rt one they gave me the option of a 23hr. stay at the surgical center or the overnight at the hospital, I'm opting for the hospital. It's about a 2hr. ride for me and on the way home it...
  10. Eman85

    Why Im so worried and terrified of THR?

    I was close to cancelling the night before my THR. It is an operation and shouldn't be taken lightly, but it is the answer to eliminating your pain and allowing you to enjoy your life. I wouldn't and still won't watch the surgery, I saw the cartoon type illustration of it and that was enough to...
  11. Eman85

    [THR] What’s Normal

    Smart thing cancelling PT, funny thing how they believe hurting you is going to make you heal faster. I hate to tell you but the standing and waiting before walking will take some time to get over, usually have a stutter step too. Then the pain in the butt deal takes time also. I couldn't carry...
  12. Eman85

    [THR] Tallguy79 recovery<

    @tallguy79 I remember you saying the whole THR was a workmen's comp related injury and also that a Dr. declared you 50% disabled. Have you contacted any of your state's gov't agencies? That's where I would start and they surely have some training and assistance programs for you to find an...
  13. Eman85

    [THR] 7 months in, new pain

    It's been over a year and a half for me and if I do something beyond the norm I can cause myself pain in that leg, and the rest of my body. It's very hard to tell someone what is causing their pain but it it's sensitive to the touch it sounds like tissue. It sounds like you know what caused it...
  14. Eman85

    [THR] Frequent urinating

    I made a lot of trips to the bathroom right after my THR. Especially the night of the surgery at the hospital. Your body has been traumatized even though it's a surgery to repair you. It takes a while to get settled down.
  15. Eman85

    [THR] Swelling

    4 weeks it all sounds pretty common. The outside of your leg is the grpoup of muscles that take the biggest beating for a THR. What if any PT are you doing? Even walking will stress those muscles and I found that too much walking will cause that pain and pain in the knee.
  16. Eman85


    Honestly the best prep is the mental prep of being ready to accept the recovery. Everyone's situation is different but being in any hurry to return to work or whatever usually doesn't work out well. If you come to understand the timeline of recovery and that forcing activities makes the recovery...
  17. Eman85

    [THR] Steelmanpa's Recovery Thread

    I'm not a back sleeper. but I went to bed every night after my THR. I did wake up frequently but it was no big deal, not like I had somewhere to go or anything to do. Within the week I was able to sleep on my back in bed with a pillow between my legs. I used an icing machine and used it in bed...
  18. Eman85

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    Reading through many posts over time I've seen where for some reason other countries don't do much of the icing thing. I have no idea why, someone related that many don't have as large of refrigerators with ice machines like many Americans do. I found that icing was the far better than any pain...
  19. Eman85

    [THR] Heavy, pulling feeling?

    Story sounds familiar, I had the slipped epiphysis and they pinned my left when I was 14. I've had pain but never let it slow me down and never took any pain killers aside from over the counter. Had my left THR Feb 2018. Outside PT was not recommended at all by my OS, his words were they will...
  20. Eman85

    Cortisone shot?? Effectiveness?

    OS office called I see him this Thursday and I put them off for a surgery date to 11/18 to buy me a little time to get prepared.

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