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  1. kneeper

    [BILATERAL TKR] Recovery

    Do you have a snack with the oxy? I found I had to eat a couple of crackers or something with my pain meds to avoid stomach issues. I also agree with Jockette that you should let your doctor know about your nausea if it doesn't improve tomorrow. There are things they can do to help.
  2. kneeper

    [TKR] PDLINDA on road to recovery!

    I really hate the "doc expects 90 degrees" scare talk. Just focus on ice, elevation and common sense with gentle exercise/daily activities and the bend should come for you. Good to see the tummy issues are settling down for you.
  3. kneeper

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    We always say no two knees are the same, and interestingly that seems to apply to knees that were done at the same time as much as those done months or years apart.
  4. kneeper

    [TKR] Left TKR 9/23/19 My Journey

    Yes, around here we've nicknamed those sharp, stinging pains "zingers." :) It feels good to get out, doesn't it. Do be sure to pace yourself, though, and ice and elevate when you get home.
  5. kneeper

    [TKR] Calf is on fire after TKA

    My calves got quite crampy after my tkrs. My PT showed me some gentle stretches that helped. I still tend toward tight muscles (with lots of sitting at work) and the stretches I learned in PT are still helpful.
  6. kneeper

    [MUA] How to avoid surgical manipulation TKR

    Moist heat may help any muscles that were made angry by the MUA, but I'd think cold for the knee itself.
  7. kneeper

    [MUA] knee so stiff<<

    Wishing you luck getting an appointment soon. :console2:
  8. kneeper

    [TKR] All Over - Now the hard work starts

    It will feel stiff this early out. Just keep moving it gently here and there throughout the day and keep on with lots of ice and elevation. You won't notice improvement on a day to day basis. (I can't say I noticed improvement in the first week or two after coming home from the hospital. But...
  9. kneeper

    [TKR] Pam’s TKR PO journey

    This close to the surgery it is not unusual to have "hot flashes"--probably due to the meds and the recovery. You might even run a temp slightly above normal for a bit. My OS said the germs from things like a cold don't go to your knee, but it would be a good idea to stay away from sick people...
  10. kneeper

    Anxious waiting for surgery

    Your OS may not recommend the CPM. My OS was using them a few years ago. I found it uncomfortable (on my back as much as anything) and it is an annoyance because you need somewhere to set it up where it can stay when you're on your own. You can't just put it on and off the bed easily on your...
  11. kneeper

    [TKR] Painful Recovery So Far

    Oh, I see. I misread your post.
  12. kneeper

    [TKR] Carole’s recovery thread

    Sorry about your sleep issues. Luckily I could usually nap--even in the morning. More than once I had an 11 AM nap. :heehee:
  13. kneeper

    [TKR] Painful Recovery So Far

    You really shouldn't take more than 1,000 mg in a dose. I think you'd do better taking 1,000 mg 3 times a day. The tylenol only works for about 5-6 hours. I take tylenol along those lines (for my shoulder and other issues. I can't take NSAIDs) and it keeps the pain well controlled most of the...
  14. kneeper

    [BILATERAL TKR] Recovery

    Yes, the swelling is typical. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Hang in there, it will get better--just not right away. :console2:
  15. kneeper

    [TKR] Cortisone/Medrol dose pack 5 day

    So true. I called my knee a "big ball of swelling" ;) for several weeks. Lots of ice and elevation and being gentle as Jamie says, worked out well. Patience is difficult, but essential in tkr recovery.
  16. kneeper

    [TKR] Redsing57 Straight knees for 2nd TKA

    Sounds pretty good, but remember that your knee and surrounding tissues have been through a trauma. It's ok to give them a bit of a break. You are doing awesome for 5 weeks. Yes, you did too much. We've all done that at one time or another. Now you've learning that it's ok to be kind to your...
  17. kneeper

    [TKR] Minnflor's Recovery Thread

    Sounds like you're doing ok. You're just about 2 weeks out so your knee is probably pretty swollen. That will impede the bend. I know my bend at my first x-ray felt pretty pitiful, but slowly but surely I sound up doing fine.
  18. kneeper

    [TKR] Cortisone/Medrol dose pack 5 day

    I have to agree that the aggressive PT may actually be slowing you down. Yes, move the knee but it doesn't have to be intense. I did heel slides in small amounts a couple of times a day (more as I healed) but mostly I did a lot of icing and elevating and a little household activity. As my...
  19. kneeper

    [TKR] Hello everyone

    These PTs annoy me with their scare talk and pressure tactics. You're less than a month out and have 100 degrees of bend? I'd have been overjoyed with that. It took me 6 weeks to get to 90. (Though I gained more after that. 6 weeks is about when the swelling finally started to visibly go down...
  20. kneeper

    [TKR] Aug 20 hard work.

    Congrats on the stairs! Another sign of progress. It is easy to feel this recovery is taking forever. Celebrate all those milestones. :egypdance:

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