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  1. Spex10

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    I'm sure it sounded logical to your manager though. Re walking. That's the only form of rehab I did. Just kept moving between sessions with my knee up. Walked round the flat every hour, then round the garden and grounds, then included a few steps graduating to several flights of stairs...
  2. Spex10

    [MUA] Depressed over ROM issues

    I'm the same as @Didot ! I was very glad it was done.
  3. Spex10


    Very best wishes. Hoping that this will be the start of positive progress for you and your poor knee.
  4. Spex10


    Fingers crossed!
  5. Spex10


    I really hope this will be the beginning of the end of this horrible nightmare for you.
  6. Spex10


    Good Heavens! What complications. You poor thing. Sending good wishes across the sea
  7. Spex10

    [TKR] Here I go again!

    Another update. I felt I had to tell you that I've rejoined the sports club that I used to go to before my first knee put paid to activity. Well I'm back and the feeling I get as I walk in is priceless. It's like going back in time to a time when I enjoyed going and wasn't in pain with every...
  8. Spex10


    So glad to hear they can do something that may help. Also not cancer. Thank goodness
  9. Spex10

    [TKR] Mollymax second recovery<

    Hi @Mollymax, I'm about the same as you but am finding that my first knee is relaxing a bit more and after yoga or aquafit it really bends much more. My most recent knee not quite so much but I'm pretty optimistic. Both are about 110° without trying. Can't complain. However, I do have pain in...
  10. Spex10


    Sending supportive vibes. Gosh. Life is so unfair. We're all thinking of you.
  11. Spex10

    [TKR] Can't straighten leg or walk eleven weeks post op<

    You really do sound like you've got problems. Even after my first TKR which didn't go very well I was walking with a stick only in a matter of days. They take the walker away while in hospital up here. What happens if you just try to walk with a stick instead of the walker? The gait change may...
  12. Spex10

    [TKR] Marie’s TKR Journey

    Squatting? Noooooo!
  13. Spex10

    [TKR] The ‘tears and regret’ stage...

    I once sneezed myself backwards from my two sticks! Luckily, I landed on the bed and actually felt more like laughing than crying but it was a daft moment. I asked myself, 'How has it come to this?'. It does get better but I remember those early days very well! Good luck all.
  14. Spex10

    [TKR] Mollymax second recovery<

    But at least you have some answers and think how much worse you'd be if you hadn't had your knee replacements. Maybe there's something here about getting used to growing older with all that that can bring? You're not a machine. Time will help as you get used to this new information and it's...
  15. Spex10

    [TKR] mikb314159's recovery thread<

    Oh what bad luck! I don't know what to say about heat/cold for cellulitis but I hope one of the mods can suggest the best thing. A day at a time - as ever!
  16. Spex10

    [TKR] Kneeling after TKR

    I somehow just can't face kneeling. I don't know why your Dr should have said a second TKR is worse than the first. I found it to be infinitely easier all round. Knowing what to expect helped and I was better prepared. I had the confidence to stand up to PTs and Drs if necessary. Good luck.
  17. Spex10

    [TKR] So grateful to have found this community

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  18. Spex10

    [TKR] mikb314159's recovery thread<

    I don't know anyone around here who uses CPM either. I think their efficacy has been discredited. @Josephine will know more.
  19. Spex10

    [TKR] Beads recovery thread

    It could mean an infection too of course but then I would think your knee would be red and swollen too.
  20. Spex10

    [TKR] Beads recovery thread

    I cut off the legs of my trousers last summer as I couldn't bear the feel of the fabric over my scar. The OS said that the heat was blood flowing to the area to heal the damaged tissues. Icing may help more than you think. I didn't have any fancy devices just ice packs which I put on as I...

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