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    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's recovery journey

    I did it! In recovery room waiting for spinal to wear off. Can't feel anything. Worried about pain and just trying to breathe..
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    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's bilateral journey

    It looks like I'm the last of the August folks for surgery. Just two more days! I'm mentally exhausted and have let go of a lot of things I wanted to get done before I go in. I'm strangely calm. Maybe I'm in crisis mode. I keep checking in here at BoneSmart to read stories and articles. I'm...
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    Bilateral TKR What is the post op pain like?

    Certainly every body is unique, and our experiences with pain can vary widely. I am so curious about the pain following a total knee replacement. Can it be felt in your bones? Is it more the pain of the incision? I fractured a finger years ago and the pain was a dull, deep (but intense) ache...
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    Bilateral TKR What if you don't have a "good" knee?

    As I prepare mentally and physically for bilateral total knee replacement, I keep seeing instructions, even from my hospital, on how to do things that start with "your good" or not operated on side. "Place your good side in front of you for support, then..." "Use your unoperated side to help...
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    Bilateral TKR Clothing or gear recommendations for recovery?

    I saw a thread a while back that I can't find again. I've searched and searched. Forgive me if this information is to be found elsewhere, but I would LOVE and welcome your recommendations for specific clothing and gear that is helpful during recovery. I'm trying to find comfy shorts in...
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    Bilateral TKR Trying to cope with the wait

    Hello! I'm brand new here. I'm fairly young (47) for a bilateral total knee replacement, but I am on a waiting list with seemingly no end. I have always been very active (running, kayaking, cycling), so now the daily loss of my mobility has been crushing. What makes this extra hard is that...


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