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  1. Going4fun

    THR Karwask's Pre Op Story

    I'm like you: I researched the heck out of the surgery and so when time came I was looking forward to it. I think I channeled my anxiety and fear through the focus on getting a new more mobile and more stable hip with a lot less pain that would allow me to move freely without pain. And I got...
  2. Going4fun

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    You made it home. GREAT!!!!!
  3. Going4fun

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    You can call in if you need more oxy. The pain might relent in a couple of days. I assume the dose is based on the experience of your surgeons' patients in the past. But you can call in for more if you need it.
  4. Going4fun

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Yes, I too needed oxy on the way out of the hospital. Sounds like we had similar pain experiences. I had to interrupt the discharging nurse from reading all her instructions to say, "Hey, I need some meds." She ignored me once and then I interrupted again as I could feel that pain shooting up...
  5. Going4fun

    THR BellaMac Recovery

    Hmmmm ... I'm thinking maybe someone misunderstood your question. Yes, the device is mainly titanium, that's the whole thing. At the bottom the device gets banged into your bone and at the top there sits a ball. At the bottom it's titanium with a porous covering to allow it to grow into the...
  6. Going4fun

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Good to stand up for yourself. Sorry to hear about the repeated poking.
  7. Going4fun

    THR Hip Replacement and Colitis

    Sounds good.
  8. Going4fun

    THR Hip Replacement and Colitis

    Well, if I were you, I'd call the surgeon's office and ask to talk to a top nurse or the PA, and tell them now about the condition. You want the surgeon to know everything as soon as possible. Get everything on their agenda in plenty of time for them to consider and to make any adjustments they...
  9. Going4fun

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    All right @Mersada! ... You made it through ... sounds like things are going well. Yes, I remember breathing into that tube in my overnight bed. Looking forward to more updates!
  10. Going4fun

    THR BellaMac Recovery

    Sounds good. Congratulations!!!!
  11. Going4fun

    THR Hip Replacement and Colitis

    Have you told your surgeon about your condition? If you did, what did the surgeon say? Surgeons need to know everything because there are all kinds of conditions that are relevant to the surgery and safe recovery. Then they can take precautionary measures to limit the possibility of a problem...
  12. Going4fun

    THR Outpatient Surgery

    Yes, there has been a huge change. Surgeons want to keep down infections for one, and hospitals are prime locations (ironically and oddly) for infections, right--with the ailing people there. So most surgeons release people after an overnight stay. Also surgeons seem to have concluded that the...
  13. Going4fun

    THR I Have a Winner.

    My surgeon is top of the line and steeped in research. I had no metal allergy test. As far as I can tell, that's the consensus view that there are no accurate metal allergy tests that predict bad responses to the implants. And you're not getting the metal-on-metal implants that have...
  14. Going4fun

    THR Debbie’s New Right Hip

    Glad to hear they got on top of that infection. Must have been a maddeningly frustrating period for you. But hope is on the way!!!!
  15. Going4fun

    THR Exercise post THR

    Well congrats!!!!!! One of my close friends just got her second hip done about three months ago. She's feeling really good and so proud of herself.
  16. Going4fun

    THR Outpatient Replacement

    I get when you have this abrupt moment when a surgeon seems to reject your thinking. It can be very jarring. But it sounds like in this case, you overall do like the surgeon? I think the outpatient surgeons do think they need to be firm and confident in suggesting that options because...
  17. Going4fun

    THR Pain in other joints - is it normal

    Had bouts of excruciating knee pain. Had already been diagnosed with hip arthritis, but didn't see how that was relevant. Went to knee specialist. Perfect X-rays, shockingly good X-rays of the knees. This is likely a hip problem, he tells me. I had told him absolutely nothing about my hip...
  18. Going4fun

    THR Outpatient Replacement

    You're not likely to be much more mobile going home on the day after surgery as you would be going home on the day of surgery. It's not like you experience some major improvement in mobility by spending the night. So essentially you'll face the same situation at home whether you spend the...
  19. Going4fun

    THR I Have a Winner.

    You cannot find a surgeon with NO negative reviews. Look hard enough, you'll find one. I actually found some negative views of my surgeon. But frankly, I let that rattle me unnecessarily, because again, there is no perfect human being out there. And frankly as well, I was prone to fear and I...
  20. Going4fun

    THR How to get imaging from hospital? Ontario, Canada

    Please go consult multiple additional surgeons. You need a fresh perspective. So much of the time, revisions are done by different surgeons from the surgeons who did the original surgery, and often different surgeons end up diagnosing the problem in the first place after the original surgeon...


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