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  1. newlybionic

    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I’m having revision surgery on my right knee tomorrow. I’m nervous about it but I really want this knee to work right. I’ll give an update hopefully sometime tomorrow.
  2. newlybionic

    Revision TKR Right knee has problems again

    I had my original surgery and had a MRSA infection a few weeks later. I had an incision and washout. Then months of IV and oral antibiotics. The knee never recovered as well as my other knee. Now my ROM is getting smaller, its swelling up and is painful. All tests I have had shows no...
  3. newlybionic

    Knee Infection* Right knee has been replaced

    I had my replacement this afternoon. I was to report at 11:30 but I got here early at 11:10. I was the last case of the day and didn't have my surgery until 2 or so. My OS said my knee was a mess but it's now fixed up right. I'm getting very itchy from the duramorph used in the spinal...
  4. newlybionic

    On the road to knee number 3

    So here I am back at the beginning again. It took two replacements on my left knee to get it right. After my recent vacation where my old knee just ached all the time and held me back I'm ready to jump in and get my right one replaced. It will be 13 months since my revision. I have confidence...
  5. newlybionic

    Can ratings of OS by members be added in Find a clinic tab?

    The tab will just give you a list. Each office will only tell you their doctors are very good and ratings such as Medicare give you statistics that may not give a true idea of how good they are. Since the surgeons that do surgery on the most complex of cases that other OS refuse to take, some...
  6. newlybionic

    Happy Nurse's Day May 6, 2016

    Happy Nurse's Day to all my fellow Nurses!
  7. newlybionic

    Problem with my avatar

    My avatar was changed after malware issue somehow. When I check it under my name it's correct but when I post it is showing an old picture instead. I'm not sure what to do because it is correct under my name.
  8. newlybionic

    Hoping the second time's the charm!

    I had a TKR July 13, 2015 and from the beginning I felt something was wrong. Fast forward until Dec 31, 2015 and a different OS I found out my replacement was not done correctly. I will be having my knee revised on March 21. I don't want anyone to be frightened away from surgery if you read...
  9. newlybionic

    Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

    I had a left TKR July 13, 2015. I had a tough time of it in the beginning because I wasn't able take pain meds. They all made me so sick. I'm still in therapy working on stamina and going down stairs. I'm starting back to work in a week and a half and I'm going have to be on my feet for 10...


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