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    THR Getting back to normal

    To some of you hippies that have had enough time to heal completely. Can I expect to someday get back to the point where I once was in life, will I be able to tie my shoes, cut my own toenails and sleep on my side again? Hope so! At what point (how many months) may that occur? Thanks.
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    THR Getting back to normal

    BTW, in general, from everyone; when would be the most likely time after surgery (no swelling, no bruising, etc.) to stop the iceing?
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    THR Husband's THR Story

    It has been about three days now, how is your husband doing. I’m sure the first few days are the worst. Hopefully he he has done well.
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    THR Husband's upcoming THR

    Hi, I will be watching his progress, thank you for letting us know.
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    THR Using heat after surgery

    Everyone talks about icing after surgery. Is there any place for heat? or is heat an absolute no no? I hate ice but I love heat. Before surgery, heat has been my best friend, I would hate to lose my best friend and exchange it for an enemy, but it looks like that’s what I will have to do. Has...
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    THR Anterior Outpatient THR

    How soon after your first will they do your second? I am scheduled for the first on Jan. 19th and the second on March 2nd, which is six weeks later.
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    Bilateral THR mobile phone

    I think that is really interesting!
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    THR Aquatic therapy

    I am also wondering about this; I’m sure it is a good idea to get pre approved from your insurance company before THR, but is this commonly what is done or do most people just do the surgery without prior approval? Thanks for replies.
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    THR Aquatic therapy

    Has anyone had aquatic therapy, either before or after surgery? If so, I would appreciate your comments on its effectiveness. Also, if after surgery, how long after surgery is it OK to get in the pool? Thanks.
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    THR Tramadol for pain

    Thanks. It has been prescribed for me but I have not used it yet and probably wont unless I feel I really need it.
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    THR Tramadol for pain

    Has anyone used tramadol for hip arthritic pain before surgery?
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    THR Referred Pain

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to give me their thoughts, I really appreciate it. I feel better now thinking that it may be just pain caused from my hips. Looking forward to my two surgery dates!!
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    THR Referred Pain

    I have not had surgery yet, I will have RTHR in January and LTHR in March. Sometimes my knees hurt, not when walking or exercising, but when lying in bed, feels like the pain is around the front or on the kneecap. Has anyone else had this before surgery? if so, did it go away after surgery? I am...
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    THR Looking Forward to Surgery

    Yes, I feel that I am pretty well prepared. I'm hoping the hip does not get too much worse between now and January.
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    THR Looking Forward to Surgery

    I have been lurking on this site for awhile now, wonderful information, it is so enlightening. I have AO in both hips, right one for about 14 months, left one for about two months. Surgery for RTHR is scheduled for Jan. 19 and LTHR for March 2, 2021. Certainly looking forward to both dates so I...


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