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  1. Muscleflex

    TKR Knee sleeve recommendation

    you'd be better strengthening the knee than just putting on a sleeve...are you doing any kind of strength training??
  2. Muscleflex

    TKR Double TKR?

    I just had a bilateral PKR in December and although it was ROUGH in those early weeks, I wouldn't do it any other way. I cannot imagine going through this year long (on average) recovery only to have start the whole process again with the other one.
  3. Muscleflex

    TKR What finally made you decide to have a knee replacement?

    I just had bilateral PKR in December (had just turned 41 at the time). I spent the last 10 years being told that a replacement is all that would help me, but that I was "far too young" for that. It took me literally a decade of seeing other doctors and trying other treatments to finally get...
  4. Muscleflex

    TKR April 12 surgery date

    look into buying a used ice machine - i bought one online cheap years ago and have used it through many surgeries...
  5. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    Just wanted to give an update - I'm 8 weeks PO tomorrow and went out shopping today! Was so excited that some stores started to open around here I had to get out! Used a crutch at times - then just used a shopping cart for some stability. Not sure how far I walked altogether, but it was...
  6. Muscleflex

    PKR Anyone suffer from this

    why do they have you waiting so long for your surgery? because of COVID? I'm in Canada too and had to wait a bit for my first consultation, but once I met with the surgeon he was able to schedule me for my PKR within a month. and this is at a busy teaching hospital in Toronto. do you have a...
  7. Muscleflex

    PKR How Fast Will I recover from PKR to Play Competitive Baseball?

    I have one. I thought it was ok to comment on other people's threads too though? isn't it?
  8. Muscleflex

    PKR How Fast Will I recover from PKR to Play Competitive Baseball?

    just seeing this now! that is great that your recovery was going so well at such an early stage. I'm 6 weeks out and doing well, but not near batting cage level yet (not that anything around here is open anyway). Please keep this thread updated if you can, I'm interested in your recovery as...
  9. Muscleflex

    PKR Running after a partial knee replacement

    I'm only 6 weeks from my partial, but I had my followup with my surgeon this week and asked him about any limitations (once I'm fully recovered) and he said that the only thing he would recommend staying away from is open chain leg exercises (i.e. leg extension). HE actually brought up...
  10. Muscleflex

    PKR Which knee to have partial knee replacement help please

    I had them both done in December (at the same date) - wouldn't do it any other way! (my dr. actually said he wouldn't do it any other way either). but if you have to pick one, id pick whichever is worse. is there a reason you can't do them both at once?
  11. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    Just wanted to update my thread - just went for my 6 week followup with my surgeon. I was a little afraid of what his reaction may be when I told him that I have done ZERO physiotherapy, but it didn't seem to faze him. He just kinda shrugged and said I could probably do my own thing and I'll...
  12. Muscleflex

    PKR Frustrated after PKR

    another voice here for the Bonesmart way - I had my bilateral a month ago today and haven't done any PT - I was a little worried for awhile that I wasn't going to be progressing fast enough, but my ROM has definitely been increasing as the swelling has gone down.
  13. Muscleflex

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    thanks for sharing this update! as a fellow very active person who is looking very much forward to getting back to activities, it was great to read!
  14. Muscleflex

    Bilateral TKR Struggling after 5 weeks—normal?

    just wanted to say im right there with you, OP! I had a bilateral patellafemoral replacement on Christmas Eve (so I'm four weeks out this Thursday) and it has been full of ups and downs. I decided a couple weeks back to do things the 'bonesmart way,' so I'm not doing PT and doing things at my...
  15. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    thanks everyone for the advice! I've been in another forum that really pushes physio from day one - telling everyone it is a "must." some people talk about crying and screaming throughout physio and people are telling them "no pain, no gain." that just didn't feel right to me! I'm going to...
  16. Muscleflex

    PKR How Fast Will I recover from PKR to Play Competitive Baseball?

    @Baseball6 how is your recovery going?? I was interested when I came across your thread - I'm a softball player and literally planned my PKR around the next baseball season. I had my surgery Christmas Eve and plan on being on the field this upcoming season.
  17. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    ok, another question for the bonesmarties: I'm 2.5 weeks out and think I'm doing well. Have stopped pain meds before the two week mark, no real pain, been sleeping through the night since day one (10-12 hours/night). I spend most of the day laying on the couch with my legs elevated and icing...
  18. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    just wanted to give a little update - I'm day 9 Post-Op from my bilateral patellofemoral replacement and things seem to slowly be turning a corner. I've been basically lying in bed icing since I got home on day 2 and the last couple days the swelling seems to be going down. have been sleeping...
  19. Muscleflex

    TKR TKR 12-8-2020

    not many words of advice for you as I am in the same spot - had bilateral patellafemoral replacements on thursday and the real struggle for me started late friday/early saturday when the nerve blocks wore off. just gotta trust that everyone says that in the end it is worth it!
  20. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    ok, so my problem is my legs/knee area are so swollen I can't straighten it enough in order to get out of bed (I need my partner to basically lift me out so I'm upright at my walker). and then once I am standing up with the walker - they are just too swollen to walk forward - even with the...


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