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  1. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Muscleflex in recovery

    Hi everyone - just wanted to give a quick update. I had my surgery Christmas Eve, stayed one night in hospital and came home yesterday (exacty 24 hours after my surgery began). Surgery went well, first day was awesome - had complete movement back and no pain whatsoever - and then the pain...
  2. Muscleflex

    Bilateral PKR Been waiting for a decade for this news!

    I was on this site years ago, then had a long time away. As some history, I've gone through over a decade of issues with both knees - chondromalacia patella, tracking issues, advanced osteoarthritis - bone on bone pain. I've tried a million things before - drugs, cortisone, multiple rounds of...
  3. Muscleflex

    Patella Tracking Issues - what treatment?

    Hi Everyone, I've been following along on this board for awhile now, but this is my first post. I am a 36 year old female who has struggled with knee issues for years. I have tried anti-inflammatories, physio, cortisone, synvisc and most recently a (failed?) microfracture procedure in...


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