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  1. Tykey

    TKR Dealing with negativity

    Here's a blunt answer Why allow yourself to discuss it with anyone, other than with people who are qualified to do so? . Other than us, of course because we understand from our own experiences which are actually are relevant.
  2. Tykey

    TKR Second guessing second TKR

    My second one settled down just as quickly as the first, but after 18 months it's never been as good. A bit stiff! But I never forget that they were 10 years apart, I'm now 73, so lots of joints aren't as good as they once were. I accept what it is, no point in my wishing otherwise. But I...
  3. Tykey

    TKR Birdwatcher's recovery thread

    Jamie, one of the best posts I've read for a long time
  4. Tykey

    TKR Has anyone had shin pain?

    Yes, remember Aesop's fable, the tortoise and the hare.
  5. Tykey

    TKR Has anyone had shin pain?

    Shin splint pain goes straight down the front of the shin, almost to the ankle, so it doesnt really sound that this is the culprit.. But its far too soon to be fretting, its only one month since your op, try to be patient and be happy with baby steps.
  6. Tykey

    TKR Has anyone had shin pain?

    Pain in the shins, also known as shin splints, is often due to walking on your toes. If you think about it, the muscles in the shin then take all your weight, and aren't strong enough to do that. I had them badly, my PT looked at me walking for two seconds and said "make sure you walk by putting...
  7. Tykey

    TKR 4 Weeks now

    We nearly all have insomnia. The worst thing we can do is lie awake worrying about it, which makes it worse. I just accepted it and just got out of bed, and doing something else, such as reading, TV, radio, YouTube, cooking and eating, or just writing a meandering blog on here. Never had...
  8. Tykey

    What are some positives that have come out of the pandemic?

    I've learnt how neighbours are far more supportive and friendly than they were, even Yorkshire folk who were already that way inclined!
  9. Tykey

    TKR 8 months post op and knee getting worse

    And yes, you are doing too much reading, Dr Google hasn't even examined you!
  10. Tykey

    TKR Getting stressed re Nurse visit today!!

    The bend almost always gets worse in the first few days, so no panic! But it always comes back as the knee heals and the swelling goes down. Just keep up the gentle exercises as far as you are able but not to the point of pain. After a month or less, you will pass the 90 degrees and more...
  11. Tykey

    TKR What finally made you decide to have a knee replacement?

    My decision was taken when I was 61, when I walked up the many steps to the old Abbey on top of the cliffs at Whitby, in Yorkshire, the one famous as a home of Dracula. Actually, it was on the way down again, I was almost on my hands and knees! I remember my thoughts, "I've had enough of this!!"...
  12. Tykey

    TKR What to do?

    Hi Juliette, I'm always pragmatic. You are 54, assuming your new knee will last 25 years, you will be 80 by then. A lot can, and probably will, change in your circumstances by then. I'm 73, and life looks a lot different from when I was 54 That's been my experience, a heart attack, cancer, and a...
  13. Tykey

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    You've reminded me that I also fell off a low(ish) cliff whilst trying to get my dog down safely, and badly hurt my ribs. I still went to yoga that evening and just struggled through with lots of oohs and aahs. The lady who held the session also did hand's-on healing. So she put her hand on my...
  14. Tykey

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    @Jaycey. I'm doing better than the first knee recovery. That time, after 3 or 4 weeks, still on crutches, I took the dogs out in the snow!! Yes, the inevitable happened!! But I twisted in mid air and landed on my back, with the poorly knee stuck up vertically. Fortunately, nobody saw that...
  15. Tykey

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    I forgot to mention that I inadvertently learned a new skill a couple of days ago ie imitating an earthquake! We have a beautiful wooded park near us, called Clumber. I was walking with the dogs, my thoughts were away with the fairies!! My foot (with the newest knee) tripped on a root and I...
  16. Tykey

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    Hi folks It's now 18 months since my second tkr, and I thought I'd pop in to make sure you are all OK. Things are great here, but I thought it worth mentioning one particular thing, the ubiquitous tight band across and just below the knee. It keeps coming and going, but I never notice, because...
  17. Tykey

    Bilateral TKR Get a *good* recliner (if you can!)

    This is a British point of view, specifically from God's Own county of Yorkshire, where we are famous for not wasting money. We've got 5 recliners, all bought second hand. Or from charity shops. The last 2 seater electric recliner cost about 90 dollars, and a single recliner about 50 dollars...
  18. Tykey

    TKR Knee number 2

    Hello from one Brit to another. My second knee was 10 years after the first, at the age of 71. Recovery was just as unspectacular as the first, and now 18 months after the op it's plateaud out, and I'm very happy with it. It has never been as good as the first, and I wondered why. Then it...
  19. Tykey

    TKR Does the pain ever go away?

    Your limping isnt helping. Is the limp causing the pain, or the pain causing the limp?. Because you mentioned that your leg feels shorter makes me suspect that walking better would be a great help. Remember to heel and toe exactly the same with both legs. There are many youtube videos which...
  20. Tykey

    Bilateral TKR Knee implant moves out of place when roll over in bed

    It might possibly be fluid squeezing from side to side?


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