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  1. Eman85

    THR Concerned 6 months post op

    It sounds like after the first incident resting and stopping exercises made the problem go away. I'd try it again. The hardest part of when it hurts is determining if it's soft tissue or the implant screwed up. With my first THR I overdid it at 3 mos and it took 3 weeks of ice and rest to get...
  2. Eman85

    THR Outpatient Surgery

    I was offered outpatient on my 2nd THR, I passed. It was a couple of hour drive to both the hospital or the surgery center. I wanted it just like my first, spent the night before at the motel surgery early in the AM discharge the next morning and an easy drive home with stops. It worked out fine...
  3. Eman85

    THR Karwask's Pre Op Story

    At my 6 week follow up exam my OS wanted to know if I wanted to have the other hip done at 12 weeks. I didn't think the first was much fun so I thought I'd wait a little longer. I think the easiest way would be to just go in and have both and it's all over in one shot.
  4. Eman85

    THR Nerve Damage with Anterior Approach

    I've had both hips done and my OS used posterior. I didn't know or really care how he got them in there when I was searching for an OS. I wanted the guy that could handle the job and give me the end product I wanted. It was after I was scheduled that I called and asked where the incision would be.
  5. Eman85

    THR Ice therapy machine after THR?

    I used an icing machine, I'd keep it on for hours even when I went to bed. It gave the best relief and I didn't have much swelling or bruising.
  6. Eman85

    THR Home aid equipment

    I got a list from my OS and found most everything locally. The ice machine was my prize for being a good boy at the hospital. My local repurpose store had just about everything I was looking for. There are so many walkers and all of the rest growing dust in people's basements they are thrilled...
  7. Eman85

    THR Brand New Hip

    Pretty surprising that the PT said bicycle riding is the best PT above walking. Learning to ride a bicycle while recovering from a THR poses a real challenge as falling and or twisting the leg is usually not recommended.
  8. Eman85

    THR Sleeping after THR

    I slept in my bed every night, wife slept in the guest room for a few nights. I was up quite often every night as I'm not a back sleeper so I woke often. Never slept in the recliner, ate every meal at the dining table just my thing.
  9. Eman85

    THR Pain in other joints - is it normal

    All of us are different as are each hip. With my left I had referred pain down my thigh through my femur. With my right it would go all of the way to my foot. It hurt terribly in my instep and after replacement it hasn't done that again.
  10. Eman85

    THR 9 months and a bit discouraged

    If it makes you feel any better my left has been hurting and it's over 3 years. A few days ago the left was fine and the right was giving me groin pain and that one is over 1 year. As long as the hardware is secure I feel it's just the muscles that are angry. I don't have that deep bone ache any...
  11. Eman85

    THR Creakyjoint Recovery THR and here I go

    With my first THR of course it was all new to me and I hadn't found this site. Fortunately for me I was a star at PT in the hospital, I could do 20 reps of anything they threw at me. There were others that struggled to the point of screams and tears and the PT kept bullying them. With my second...
  12. Eman85

    THR Creakyjoint Recovery THR and here I go

    Log leg is very common and no matter how I tried my right would not move. I went through the deal with the PT's at the hospital, day 2 is too early for exercise to accomplish anything more than pain.
  13. Eman85

    THR RTHR April 13, 2021

    Congrats on the earlier date. I had the same problem with my right when it got bad. I could not sleep for the pain and if I did get comfortable as soon as I moved I woke from the pain. I found creative use of multiple pillows was a great help. I use pillows to block my leg to a comfortable...
  14. Eman85

    THR Posterior or Superpath Decision

    As far as driving went first off it was my left hip and the car is an automatic transmission. I was completely off of any pain meds before 2 weeks which was also a factor. Now of course you results may vary. With my right my follow up was almost 3 weeks out and I drove there but of course it was...
  15. Eman85

    THR Posterior or Superpath Decision

    Do you know anyone in your area that has had a THR? Distance didn't matter to me and I went a couple of hours from home as I wasn't happy with the close by hospitals and OS's. I knew going in I had a more complicated THR so I wanted an OS that could do it and wanted to do it. The one thing about...
  16. Eman85

    THR Just looking for support

    I had referred pain with my right that went down to my foot, since the THR my foot hasn't hurt. Every one is different as far as pain goes. Best relief for me was my icing machine which was on me at the hospital as soon as I got to my room and I took it home with me. This should be something you...
  17. Eman85

    THR Worried about my post-op pain

    Can't help you as far as the narcotics go, only experience I've had with them has been post THR's and didn't use much then. I do have a pretty high tolerance for pain so the THR pain was no big deal. Only time the THR pain got me was right after the surgery walk around the hall without taking...
  18. Eman85

    THR Posterior or Superpath Decision

    As far as walking I was up and walking, with a walker, a couple of hours after surgery. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a brisk walk it was more of a shuffle. Second day I was dressed and waiting for my next walk and to go up and down some stairs and a PT evaluation. On the way home we stopped to...
  19. Eman85

    THR Out of town dilemma

    No two people and I can attest no two hips are the same in recovery. With my left I followed the precautions and at 6 weeks I could reach my feet. With my right it was completely different/ Once again I followed the precautions and at 6 weeks or so started reaching for my feet. I struggled for...
  20. Eman85

    THR Posterior or Superpath Decision

    I've had 2 posterior THR's. I didn't care or really know about the approach, I cared about the OS and his office and their program, It worked for me. I have no clue what a superpath is. One way or another they have to disassemble you, cut parts off, ream parts out, screw parts on and hammer in...


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