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  1. referee54

    TKR recovery and an analogy to athletic training

    When we begin recovery, most of us cannot wait to push ourselves to show the world that we can not only beat the odds, but also regain our lives as fast as possible. We must add many PT's into this equation, as well---many feel the need to push us to the point of pain and beyond---and many of us...
  2. referee54

    TKRs and our fast food society

    Many of us here in the US of A are rather used to getting things fairly quickly. We have adopted a "fast food mentality" to almost everything---not only restaurants, but also oil changes, banking, dentistry, grocery shopping, etc to name a few. Almost all of us, however, have to understand...
  3. referee54

    TKR: work “smarter” and not “harder”

    Too often we fall into the mindset that “If I work really hard at this, I will recover so much faster that I can get my life going again. I will amaze myself!” Then what happens is that we try to work harder, and we paradoxically do not see the progress---we get frustrated and work even harder...
  4. referee54

    TKR: Where are you in recovery?

    How many of you have been in a shopping mall or an amusement park and have seen a map that says, “You are here.” It tells you where you are so you can locate what you have to do in order to get to where you want to be. Well, here is more realistic chart of the “You are here” for a TKR. Too...
  5. referee54

    TKR: work “smarter” and not “harder”

    I had my BTKR surgery on November 8th of 2007. Thinking back, I couldn't wait to get home and watch the OSU/Michigan game. The trip home in the car was the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. Thanksgiving that year was the worst holiday I have ever been through---I was drugged up...
  6. referee54

    TKR surgery - WARNING: real life photos

    Tell your families that this is what they did to you during surgery: 1. They gave you various types of anesthetics and more or less knocked you out. 2. They sliced you open (my incisions are about 9" in length.). 3. They sawed off two bones, and they were not gentle about it. 4. They...
  7. referee54

    So, you wonder what you can do after a TKR or a BTKR?

    As many of you know, I work pretty much full time on a produce farm. I hop up and down from tractors all day long, and here is something that you may be able to do after a TKR or a BTKR---unloading a wagon full of pumpkins. That wagon has 3600 pounds of pumpkins on it---nearly two tons...
  8. referee54

    Pain management: topical pain relief

    There is an interesting and effective cream called Capsaicin, that comes from the hottest peppers on earth. My wife uses it - it does have some anti-inflammatory properties. You do not use it like you would use a traditional analgesic cream---this just takes a very little bit to be rubbed into...
  9. referee54

    Life in the slow lane

    OK, now that you are out of surgery and home, it is time for the realization to set in; this rehab is going to take longer than you would like it to. We Americans are used to getting things done quickly (I would imagine that our friends "across the pond" do, as well.) We can hop on...
  10. referee54

    Five “P’s” of knee recovery

    Many people facing a TKR or a BTKR, or many who have just returned from the hospital from the TKR or BTKR may be wondering what it will take to successfully recovery and reclaim their lives. While some have uneventful and smooth recoveries, some, like me, had a frustratingly long recovery---and...
  11. referee54

    Letter of approval!

    You will most likely need some PT to help you get things going while in the hospital---but you can set limits even there as to what you will allow them to do to you. After my BTKR, I had PT only twice a week---and there were times that I would cancel a day or two---anymore than that will not...
  12. referee54

    TKR abnormal lab results after ltkr

    I took care of it for you!
  13. referee54

    Bilateral TKR in January - I have questions

    I had a BTKR nine years ago, and I was 80% excited to be losing a painful and restrictive lifestyle---the other 20% of the time I was nervous. I can tell you that, in looking back, I would have done it the same way again. One pre-op, one surgery, one hospital stay, and one recovery. My...
  14. referee54

    Choosing a Dr

    My surgeon (nine years ago) was in his early 40's.
  15. referee54

    TKR 9 weeks and my biggest complaint is muscle soreness>

    Yes---some surgeons tell their patients to avoid it---mine let me kneel after six months, due to the little button inside the patella. I have tried to kneel---and it really, really, feels weird, so I try to avoid it. I would talk to your surgeon for his protocol on kneeling.
  16. referee54

    TKR abnormal lab results after ltkr

    Congratulations on the recumbent bike!! That is a big step!! How would you like me to change the thread---I can take care of that. Some have said that they can tell when the weather is going to change by how their knees feel, but I really have not heard of the cold affecting them. As for my...
  17. referee54

    The story of my knees

    2018? Wow---over a year's wait!! I thought I had a long wait of eight months!
  18. referee54

    TKR Banjaboy's recovery thread<

    I would, if you can, see your OS and talk to him about what you can do about the pain until your surgery takes place.
  19. referee54

    New knee about to happen!

    I had a BTKR nine years ago---recovery took longer than I was prepared for, but when I was fully recovered, it certainly was a huge positive!! I got my life back, and I got my active lifestyle back. I could sleep at night without pain, and my knees now are "normal"---I can go for days without...


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