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  1. pdlinda

    TKR Walking After 2 Knees and 2 Hips Replaced

    I had my left hip replaced in 2007, my right hip replaced in 2017, my right knee replaced in 2019 and now need my left knee replaced. Has anyone had all 4 Joints replaced? Are you now walking normally? How long did it take you to achieve balance and coordination In walking? I’m trying to...
  2. pdlinda

    TKR Scheduling TKR After Hymovis Gel Injection

    i had 2 Hymovis injections in my left knee on 7/17/20 and 7/24/20 to try and improve function. It was understood between me and my OS that this was a temporary solution to my arthritic knee problem because of the Covid. My right knee was replaced on 10/9/19. i recall reading on this forum that...
  3. pdlinda


    Returned from hospital yesterday. Surgery uneventful. Whole process seemed to flow smoothly from start to finish . Pain Level never more than Level 1 from start. Have some nausea from Viocin, take ondansitron if needed every 6 hrs (under tongue. ( I just took one) Practiced getting up 21 stairs...
  4. pdlinda


    The OS Ordered me to suspend ALL USE of the herbal/vitamin/mineral supplements I usually use on a daily basis for 10 days prior to surgery (to avoid bleeding issues). With all the stress of dealing with hospital prep and getting my support team all geared up and basically eating a "baby" diet (...
  5. pdlinda


    13 days to go until my big day getting my right knee replaced! I live alone and have excellent professional support; however preparing for my post op care and household functions has left me very tired. In addition, my GOOD leg has become very stiff to the point where I can barely walk. The...
  6. pdlinda

    Hair Presentation at TKR surgery

    I need help sorting out the nagging issue I have with my hair. I have been wearing a wig for the last 3 yrs because my own hair simply became too unmanageable and time consuming to maintain. The wig I have is the answer to my hair prayer as it always makes me look well-groomed and attractive...
  7. pdlinda

    Use of recliner post RTKR surgery

    I started pre-op PT today at a new facility because I chose a different OS than the one whose PT facility I've been going to since January, 2019. In the course of off-handed discussion with the new PT She mentioned that the use of a recliner was discouraged by some of the docs in the practice...
  8. pdlinda

    Questions about MAKO surgery

    I am scheduled for a MAKO RTKR on October 4th. I also have 25% valgus and my leg is very crooked. I go to my OS PT facility 2X/week pre op and the patients I see segueing from surgery to OP PT are all doing GREAT!! I interview as many post op patients as I can and all give me a heads up.
  9. pdlinda

    Criteria for Rehab Placement After TKR

    I have my RTKR scheduled for Oct.4,2019. My OS mentioned me being released next day but I'm concerned that's too soon because when I had my right hip replaced in 2017 my BP went VERY LOW and they kept me in 2 more days. Does anyone know what criteria the OS would use to order me to a rehab...
  10. pdlinda

    THR 2 THRs 9 years apart<

    I had my left hip successfully replaced with the posterior method in 2008. Had a superb PT and was doing a lot of exercises right from the get go. I returned to work after 2 months and had a lot of success with resuming my normal, active life. The ONLY restriction I had was not to cross my...
  11. pdlinda

    THR Incision in fold of the skin

    Had anterior RTHR 1/30 and have seen my OS for follow-up to hear everything healing fine. However, the incision is in the middle of a fold of skin on my belly and is always coming into contact with my clothes. No sign of infection but feels "irritated"... Doc suggested vit e. Anyone else...


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