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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet

    I'll try to make sense here. My total revision was on Tue May 23rd. and came home on Thur. 25th. Surgery took just over 3 1/2 hrs. Lots to correct inside the knee. The tendons were quite messed up because the appliance was so loose. (Hello, that's what I've said for 3 yrs.) I will admit its...
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    Right Knee Revision - Tomorrow

    Its finally here. I can't wait to get this in the rear view mirror of my life!! Tomorrow is the day. I can't believe I'm his last surgery of the day,ugh. Oh well, he does his most difficult cases last - that would be me!! Frankly with my DH, this schedule works best for him - so all is good...
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    Surgeon and Hospital Appointments tomorrow

    I'm trying to get a list of questions for the surgeon. Since I've had 2 TKR in my mind I know part of it. But this is a different surgeon and total revision. Help me remember what I should be asking!! 8 days until the revision. This will sound silly of me, but I'm been putting on a big brave...
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    Upcoming Right Revision

    I never thought I'd be facing but yet another knee surgery after TKR, but I am. It was quite difficult to find a orthopedic knee specialist surgeon who would even see me. My original surgeon has said this is above him - I respect that, but the surgeons he referred me to wouldn't accept me. I've...
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    TKR Ideas? At the end of my rope

    Sure wish I'd found this site sooner, oh well. As stated I'm 4 weeks out from having my TKR. I had had 3 other surgeries on this leg, but nothing worked. I had 2 nerve blocks and the anaesthesia. The doc doesn't do both nerve blocks at one time but one obviously prior to surgery then when he's...


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