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  1. Mersada

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    I got my call from the hospital. I have to be there at 6:45 am for surgery at 9:45 am. I am surprisingly calm. I am not looking forward to recovery, though. I have to admit. I am just hoping the pain meds work right away. I am a big cry baby when it comes to pain. My hip is kind of...
  2. Mersada

    THR I Have a Winner.

    I had my sixth and final consultation with Dr. Della Valle at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He is very comfortable performing surgery with my hip dysplasia, in fact he says he does a lot of them. He also said he will be able to lengthen my left leg about an inch, which is what I need. He...
  3. Mersada

    Adjustable Beds--need some opinions.

    As, I have no date for surgery, yet. I am still interviewing ortho surgeons...hope for my "the one" is August 24th. This one has hip dyplasia on his webpage, so I am hoping he is super experienced in that area. I am still making preparations for when the time comes and getting everything I...
  4. Mersada

    THR Great News--for me--Hospital for Special Surgery...

    Now accepts my insurance. They are number one in the nation for Orthopedic Surgery. I had corrective surgery there as a child to even out the difference in the length of my legs. It works for a little while, but now my left side is an inch shorter from the hip wear and tear, I guess. I have...
  5. Mersada

    THR SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    I recently came to know about the Superpath method, and I am considering it (learned about it here). Has anyone with bone on bone and hip dysplasia had this method done--or has been told they are a good candidate for this method. If so, what was the out come/benefits. I read no precautions...
  6. Mersada

    Just Got An Email Response from My Doctor

    It funny how you forget to ask things when you are there, I guess it's nerves. I emailed him a month later after meeting with another surgeon who said I was not a candidate for the anterior approach because of my hip dysplasia. So, I wrote my 2nd opinion Doctor an email and he just wrote back...
  7. Mersada

    My Third Consultation Yesterday...

    So, I went on my third consultation, yesterday. It was with the a doctor that does anterior and posterior methods. He said I was not a good candidate for anterior because of my hip dysplasia...hip deformity I have. He basically told me I would have to have the posterior method done. I was...
  8. Mersada

    Battling with the Decision

    I find myself battling with the decision to operate or wait. My 2nd consultation with a doctor that only did posterior approach told me my hip is now bone on bone. It is uncomfortable when I walk but, not that painful for 5 minute walks. It's when I walk a lot that it hurts at a level of...
  9. Mersada

    Anterior Approach -- 2 weeks recovery?!?!

    Has anyone returned to work after 8 weeks? One doc told me if I can use a cane I can go back to my desk job after 8 weeks. I have a second opinion coming in a few weeks. I would imagine lunch lady has to wait longer due to the lifting, sounds like a demanding job. Good luck with recovery...
  10. Mersada

    To Purchase or not to purchase a recliner??

    I read a lot of people use them to sleep on after surgery, but then I just read a warning to avoid them. Which is it? I am trying to slowly prepare for the inevitable surgery although, I still don't have a date or a surgeon picked out, yet. I go for my second opinion as soon as I get an...


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