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    THR RTHR At home and doing well

    My surgery went great yesterday! They got me up and walking and I was released same day! I even got some sleep last night, so thankful!!! Definitely sore and slow moving, so glad you all have talked about the ice packs... what a life saver they are! I’ll keep ya all posted on how it’s going...
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    THR Questions for After Surgery

    Hi Everyone, I am getting closer to my surgery date... February 1st!!! I have seen a lot of posts on elevating leg after surgery... Are there recommendations for what to use? Are the foam leg pillow wedges good for this? I have plenty of ice packs... any other suggestions that people may have...
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    THR Anterior Outpatient THR

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading posts and going thru the advice and recommended readings, it's been so helpful on this journey to THR... Now I have officially joined! I am 44 and need both hips replaced. I have found an amazing doctor and the plan is to do anterior THR outpatient surgery...


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