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  1. Tykey

    More bread!

    I mentioned earlier that I had started baking bread. At that time I was making normal yeast-based bread. Later on, I decided to do something much more difficult and interesting, and have now moved onto sourdough bread. Much tastier, superb crust, and fantastic toast. The main difference is...
  2. Tykey

    Be a tortoise not a hare

    I've run out of knees to replace, I'm absolutely delighted with them, so I thought it worth sharing with you. Both my knees were worn out by an excess of sport in my youth. Soccer, cricket, squash, jogging (and social drinking) The left one got damaged in various stages, the start of which was...
  3. Tykey

    I love lockdown

    It's a lovely morning, I'm sat here in my conservatory with my wife Penny, and one of my dogs curled up on my knee. The sun is shining, the fish are playing in my ponds, the birds are feeding, and even our garden mouse is popping out to play. My wife always complains I'm a mini version of Jack...
  4. Tykey


    When you're tired and weary, and you need some loving care... That's the first line of a Carol King song Any road up, these are stressful times, and when I get down (I do, sometimes, but not for long) I often dig out a poem by Max Ehrmann, sometimes known as the Nun's Prayer. There is nearly...
  5. Tykey


    We are filling our time (and stomachs) by baking bread. The UK isn't famed for its imagination regarding food, although things are improving. So now is a good time to spruce things up a bit, by experimenting with different foods. Here's a new (to me) bread, I've just made, and it is...
  6. Tykey

    Immediate pain relief

    Some people have a lot of pain when they wake up after surgery, whilst I had none. Its too easy to say we are all different, supplying pain killers to be taken orally should be second nature to hospitals. Then I remember my PT telling me that the final thing the surgeons at my hospital do is to...
  7. Tykey

    Can't find a article

    I have a friend who got knocked back by the NHS, whilst agreeing he would need a TKR. That was 3 years ago, when the GPS believed they only last 10 years, and sent him away I'm aware in the recent past, the NHS now accept they will last 25 years or more. His knee has deteriorated further, and...
  8. Tykey

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    So I'm sat here waiting to go down for the op. I asked if I could have the old bits of my knee, as I thought they would be a nice memento. It would make a nice talking point if I put it on a plinth and kept it on the shelf over the fire. I'm told that it's not possible as they are needed by the...
  9. Tykey

    One sleep to go!!!!

    My second new knee tomorrow Bring it on! Can't wait to get rid of this old worn out one! No worries, no fears, no qualms (except if I need a catheter of course) I'll see you on the other side tomorrow, probably with a photo, and maybe a blog to keep me amused.
  10. Tykey

    My new knee (like Thunderbirds) is GO!

    My second new knee is booked for Sept 5th, ie 7 weeks from now. My other knee is 10 years old in October. It's being done at Barlborough, who are contracted to the NHS for hips and knees, so they do hundreds each year. Same surgeon as well. I had promised to climb Haystacks (a mountain in...
  11. Tykey

    Take your ukulele to surgery?

    If you get anxious, this might help. I had suggested that I take my uke and stay awake. I was jesting (a bit), but maybe there will be some benefit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49033435
  12. Tykey

    Knee Replacements while you wait?

    I've just come across this article from Barlborough hospital in the UK, in Derbyshire. I thought it might be interesting. The gist is that they have developed a technique to replace knees and discharge us on the same day. I'll be in there in the next few weeks for a TKR. We shall see!!! The...
  13. Tykey

    I'm back again for round 2!!

    Hi folks, it's many moons since I was last with you. In fact I'm surprised I'm still a member. I'm delighted to see Josephine keeping you all in order. You were all an amazing help in the past. Any road up (I'm from Yorkshire), it must be getting on for 15 years since my left knee had a full...
  14. Tykey

    App issues

    Hi Richard, some of us silver surfers have started to join the modern world by defecting to Apple. The app is raising one or two questions. The first one is how can I go direct to "new Posts", because there doesn't seem to be a button for this
  15. Tykey


    I've just realised that I never hear any specific comment about the use of a bolus for pain control following a TKR. Is this a regular technique, or was my anaesthetist using something different ?(he was Slovakian if that's relevant) The bolus was a ball about the size of a tennis ball...
  16. Tykey

    My Turn for Needing Advice

    A few weeks ago, I posted that I was certain I was needing a second new knee, because the real one felt just like the old worn-out one did, my foot was turning inwards a bit, and I was putting my foot down starting on the rear outside of my foot. Right, I thought, a quick x-ray, it'll be seen to...
  17. Tykey

    'ere we go again!

    It's amazing that only a couple of months ago my remaining real knee was nigh on perfect. When I went on a 6 mile climb, I noticed it was a bit stiff and sore, but my replaced knee was perfect. In a couple of months the real one seems to have collapsed, it's now giving increasing pain on the...
  18. Tykey

    A New Part of the Knee has been found!

    I'm not sure what relevance this new discovery is to knee replacement, but it's amazing to read that nobody has knowingly identified this ligament before now.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24826323
  19. Tykey

    Fell climbing with a new knee

    Hi Folks, long time no see. I just thought that I'd post about my recent charity challenge which included climbing the Old man of Coniston in the lake district. For those not familiar, the old man is one of the highest fells (mountains) in that area, which is supposed to be beautiful but we...
  20. Tykey

    Any bike-ists out there to advise?

    Hi everybody, long time no see! I've (almost) committed to doing a charity challenge in September, for Guide Dogs. In one day, I have to climb the Old Man of Coniston, a 2634ft high fell, canoe a mile on Coniston lake, and then cycle 12km through the Grizedale Forest. The first will be...


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