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    TKR Lily's recovery

    Today is my 5 month update. I'm going well and have no issues that concern me. I live my life doing all I the things I want with no complaints. I can walk stairs normally, shop and carry shopping for several hours, walk the dog to the park and do laps on the grass no worries, garden, bend...
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    TKR TKR March 16th 2021

    Regarding the numb area in your shin, I also have that sensation in the same place. It's getting better with the feeling minimising gradually. I didn't ask my surgeon about it because I expect it to slowly heal and it doesn't affect my healing or daily life. I'd be interested to know what your...
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    TKR the torment of constantly moving legs make me regret the whole thing

    Yes, keep elevating and icing to get the swelling down as much as you can for as long as possible. I iced for hours. After my surgery I didn't wear compression stockings and my legs swelled as a result which I'm sure caused my problems. On days when I do too much I can still feel a tingle...
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    TKR the torment of constantly moving legs make me regret the whole thing

    I found that as the swelling decreased so did the sensations in my legs and especially my feet. Icing and elevating my legs and icing as much as possible even through the night helped. The feeling was worse than the knee replacement pain at times especially at night. I was really worried that...
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    TKR Lily's recovery

    Should I take antibiotics before I have a cortisone injection into my bakers cyst. Just worried about infection. Thank you.
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I don't have a history of depression however I was stressed after surgery and as part of my rehab was offered a consultation with a psychiatrist. I had one session and found it helpful to offload my fears and anxiety. It helped me put my head on straight and go easy on myself. Looking after...
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    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    Love your posts, I'm just over 4 months and seeing progressive improvements in my daily life. Your recovery made me smile.
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    TKR Mature Mama has her 2nd new knee

    Sleep whenever. I found that the less meds I took the better I slept but having said that I didn't cut back the pills till I was ready. I always controlled the pain first. One night I just slept. The pillow between the knees was shoved to the side and I now can sleep on either side and on my...
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    TKR New member

    I'm just over 4months and feeling more confident with going up and down stairs. I don't need to hang on to the rails anymore. Prior to surgery I walked down sideways like a crab clutching the Bannister for my life. Driving started around 8weeks. I didn't try anything strenuous until the tight...
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    TKR Mature Mama has her 2nd new knee

    First few months my sleep was broken and I never once slept through. I now sleep well and more hours during the night than usual. I'm overly tired and go to bed early and sleep straight through. By the evening I'm done. It's like my body is playing catch up.
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    TKR Birdgirl's Right TKR Recovery

    Apart from all the good advice, this site very much helps with mental health. I find it of great comfort.
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    TKR 4 Weeks now

    Jumping in early here, you'll be getting lots of helpful advice to aid your recovery soon. I also lost my appetite and just ate small bland meals, I love my coffee but I couldn't look at it for quite a while. I didn't have nausea but weak tea or by broth may help even if it's a few spoonfuls at...
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    TKR Recovering after Jan 26 Right TKR

    I am 4 months out and don't ice anymore unless I really need to which is rarely. I found it just made me cold. Now when I rest I put my leg on my ottoman. My knee is solid now and feels good. Icing is individual depending on progress.
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    TKR LTKR recovery from Feb 21

    I didn't wear stocking but wish I had, the swelling and heat in my feet was at times worse than my knee. I would sleep with ice on my feet and knee all night. I slept with a pillow on my side for about 3months,one night I just didn't need it anymore.
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    The upper leg hurts for sure. I had pain along with the leg buckling as I walked. As weeks passed the leg became stronger and now I'm good. My physio wasn't aggressive and followed the bonesmart guidelines. Sleeping at 8days is great, took me months to get a good nights sleep.
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    TKR 17 weeks PO

    I'm one week after you. I don't stiffen but feel aches if I go overboard. I do my daily living and walk most days. I've recently started stair walking and doing some quad strengthening. I break my day up into tasks then rest. It's all slow going for a while yet but no hurrying anything up.
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    TKR Ed in Maryland's Recovery Story

    I went to pt for 4weeks twice weekly and was taught how to do exercises. No one pushed to pain. I was told a couple of times a day to do as much as I felt comfortable. My surgeon didn't ask what my rom was when I saw him. He lifted my leg onto his knee, felt my knee, asked me if I'm OK and...
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    TKR Getting stressed re Nurse visit today!!

    I was on oxycoden, celebrex and panadol for two months at least after surgery for pain. After that I went to tramadol. Can you get stronger pain relief ?
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    PKR Tight band and about to give way

    I had exactly what you say, 4 months on, it's solid.


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