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  1. ceezee

    Still unable to insert photo in Personal Message .......

    It always pops up the url link instead. This only happens in Personal Messages as near as I can tell.
  2. ceezee

    Where is the surgery etc information now?

    I can not seem to find where all surgery information for posters is on everyone’s posts. Also missing is where they live, gender, etc. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. This is important information.
  3. ceezee

    What happened to the different types of likes?

    I like it that the font is bigger but I sure miss the types of likes. They were so helpful. This change took the Facebook route and oversimplified it. Unfortunately that makes it less serious and professional and certainly less helpful.
  4. ceezee

    How do I add to location in profile?

    I’d like to add Philadelphia suburbs to my location but it won’t let me.
  5. ceezee

    THR BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Although I’ve been lurking here ever since I discovered this incredible forum right after my surgery, I’ve been putting off posting anything. That is only because all my questions were asked and answered by others. But for those of you who are just starting this endeavor I can’t stress enough...


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