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  1. Softtail

    THR I am now bionic

    As of the 25th of Sept. I added my fourth joint replacement, my right hip. I am now able to jump small books, faster than a wheelchair and more powerful than a pillow. Operation went great doing anterior method which I was told is the only current procedure where the surgeon can use the...
  2. Softtail

    THR 2 knees done, 1 hip done - comparison

    Not new to forum as bonesmart helped me thru 2 knee replacements. I am now 72 years old and have come through my first hip replacement. I thought I would lend a little comparison for those who might have to contemplate knee replacement either before or after their hips. My left hip was...
  3. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Hey bonesmarties ,just got back from hospital with my second new knee. Right one this time. I have an original thread as related to my first left knee recovery, that tells of my progression,and how nervous I was back then dealing with Both recovery and restless leg syndrome. Fortunately...
  4. Softtail

    TKR Dealing with RLS after TKR<

    Found this site today and already has become a godsend. If you google up how to recover from total knee replacement you get a myriad of what to do and not do, that vary from beat the hell out of that knee with PT, no pain no gain, etc. It becomes a big question. Voila enter this site. I have...


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