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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Just here to say hello and thank everyone for their support. Recovery has been going nicely. No more hip swelling after long drive. Getting in lots of exercise and not over doing anything. Hope everyone is having a good recovery.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    So visit went without any issues. X-ray shows no problem with my hip. Bone growth around the stem and cup is good. He isn't concerned about my hip. Done some checks and rom. He couldn't explain the swelling and hasn't experienced it previously with any of his patients. So just needs more time, 4...
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    [THR] The Perils of Competitive Recovery

    Don't be in a rush, take your time and listen to your body. It will tell you whether you've done to much, but usually to late then. Ice and elevate everyday, regardless of whether you need it or not. You'll be back to your old self and been active again. Keep in there.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Thanks wonkyhipoy, I might try a reclined position in the car and see how that feels. It' only on the longer journeys. Mid distance trips are okay. This is the benefit of the forum, hear from others experiences to similar issues. We'll see what comes from the visit Thursday week. X-ray will be...
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    [THR] Recovery Time?

    Stephenhh, As everyone pointed out, ignore the you should be recovered by now. You'll be on crutches well at least 1 for up to 12 weeks and maybe more. I was thinking I should be further along too, but our bodies heal differently to each other. I don't believe or think anyone could be right...
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    So been in contact with the Joint Nurse and the Surgeon, Surgeon doesn't think it is my hip. But I'm going to see him next week and have an x-ray of my hip. He'd like to see my hip swollen at the visit. So no promises and see how it goes.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Not sure what you want me to say. The quote is what happens or has happened to me after a journey of over an hour in my car. My hip swells up towards the end of the day, takes a few days to come back to normal. So sitting for long periods cause discomfort and iritation to my hip, like in the...
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Thanks Josephine for your replies.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    2. 1, no pain, stiffness from time to time. 3. Don't take pain Med's as not in pain. 4. No icing, only when hip swells. 5. Elevate my legs when resting, usually sit on a chaise longue. 6. daily walks of 8km, but alternate cycling of 14km, doing normal household duties, Cooking, shopping...
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    It's not a small car, just strange why now. I'll have to wait until the end of the week, surgeon will be back then. So not sure what they will do if anything.
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    [THR] Hopefully Hippy Recovery

    Your health comes first. Aim towards recovery and getting yourself right. plenty of time for work and the stress it brings. You currently don't need to be stressing. Get some exercise if you need it, but don't over do it. Allow your body time to heal, we all are different and what works for one...
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    So seem to have a slight spanner in the works. When I'm in the car for an hour, my hip swells up and takes a few days to go down. Was out for dinner with her good self and got very stiff in my hip, also it was uncomfortable and irriation at the base of the incision. This is all new. The car...
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    [THR] 5 Weeks Out<

    Welcome, take your time and listen to your body. No rush and allow time to heal. Good to hear all okay so far.
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    Finally, I'm scheduled for October 15!

    Best of luck for tomorrow. Won't be long until you'll be running around again.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Pain has a way of stressing the body, the last 3 yrs have been nothing but pain for me. So to be free from it, is a joy. I'd recommend it to anyone who is in pain and trying to decide. Have the op and enjoy life again.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Completely unaided for weeks now. Did have a crutch in the boot of the car, but never needed it, thankfully.
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    3 more days to a new right hip!

    Welcome to the other side, pain free and on the path to recovery I hope.
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    [THR] Finally life on the road to be mine<

    Morning all, All going well. Officially went back to work, even though I was working remotely after week 4. The scar is impeding some movement, went to a very good Physio. She done her tests to see what muscles were weak. Ended up putting kinesio tape on my scar. It helped. I told her if I grab...
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    Surgeon in Cork, Ireland?

    I know you said Cork, but try the Whitfield clinic in Waterford. Specialist clinic and good surgeons. I had mine done there, Patrick Carton. Surgery was posterior, the scar is behind you and you won't notice it. My scar is healed nicely and comments are it is a nice looking scar. Don't put off...

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