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  1. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @Jockette and @sistersinhim I had trailered for the first time this year, he was excited from that, from being in a new environment, from playing with the cows... if I was going to canter, I could have gotten off him and lunged him first to make sure he didn’t have any silliness in him etc but...
  2. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Good news... I’ve really felt like I’ve been moving right along since adding the senior strength classes each week. So much so, I started helping trim outside for hubby and was riding 2 days a week. This week I rode 3 days! However, now I have the good and bad. The good? “It could have...
  3. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Well, hello there! Thought I would get back on here and post any updates since my 2 yr Anniversary. ~ In March, I took my records and saw a 2nd opinion OS. He is the person who I figure will do my next knee when I’m crippled and need it done (performs about 700/year and I know a couple people...
  4. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Thanks @sistersinhim I remember @skigirl I think had the scar tissue removed if I remember correctly. I'm still hoping my body just "gets used to it" eventually, as I'm not all too excited about anything going surgically into that joint. :) And...it's pretty amazing how I can get up and...
  5. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    :spin::dancy:Guess what today is - It's my 2 year anniversary!! :dancy::spin: The good: I no longer hear or feel my bones pop into place, or rub against each other like I still do with my right knee, the bone pain is gone. My joint feels strong and secure. I have absolutely no pain while...
  6. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Wow!!! 6 months since my last post. I'm still alive and kicking (no soccer balls :heehee:) Happy New Year everyone! I'll post a 2 year update on my anniversary of 1/3/19...not too exciting, and not much different, so don't get too anxious waiting for it. :flwrysmile: And yes... this little...
  7. jaschembra

    [REVISION TKR] My Revision after a Loose Implant

    You’re getting fixed right now as I type. Just read your thread. You are brave, intelligent, and tough! All will be good. Let us know how you’re doing when you get back on BoneSmart. :flwrysmile:
  8. jaschembra

    [MUA] Oct 2017 TKR - Hematoma - MUA - Finally past 90!<

    I haven't been on much lately so I jumped right to page 39 and then back to 38 and was thrilled to hear of your flex and that you're doing so much better!! Great news I too get a little blob above, lateral and my OS early on told me that it was a place that wasn't restricted with tendons or...
  9. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @Jockette Yes, I think that's why my OS told me about it in Jan. but said it tends to make you worse before it makes you better and he wanted to try the Gabapentin, etc..... I believe he also looked at it as being pretty aggressive and didn't really want to go that direction at that time. I'm...
  10. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    She used her tools and deeply massaged each spot that she was feeling tightness or stiffness. One time I told her it felt like she was "flicking" my tendon and she said she kinda was. :) Google that technique @Jockette and you'll see the tools and read what they do. The area that hurt the...
  11. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    So... instead of sending my request for records back on Monday, I sent an email to my OS asking for the mayo fascia release PT - Graston Technique. Within 1 hour, he had the script sent to my local PT office. Had my first visit today and I really feel hopeful. She hit every single spot that...
  12. jaschembra

    [PARTIAL KR] My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    jump over to my thread - I posted an update today.
  13. jaschembra

    [THR] DONE!

    I found you! So glad you're doing well. :yes!::yay::flwrysmile:
  14. jaschembra

    [PARTIAL KR] My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    I came to your thread to check out how you were doing with the Gabapentin and wanted to share my first week experience with you but now you're already experiencing it. :) I was told that the "funky" feeling would go away after a few days by a friend. I was so glad she told me that as I sure...
  15. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Wow, how time flies. Didn't know it had been this long since I last updated my thread. I've come back on to research some dates that I need to put down on the "Authorization for Release of Information". I decided during water class today that I am tired of the discomfort, it's not normal and...
  16. jaschembra

    [REVISION TKR] 12 months later but can’t find my thread

    I haven't been on BS for quite awhile and was just catching up on your thread. I was wondering if your additional testing has given you any firm answers? {{{hugs}}}
  17. jaschembra

    [REVISION TKR] revision left knee In June

    You will definitely come out better than you are now. No one wants a knee giving out. (I wonder too about micr-fractures as I still feel discomfort in my shin bones - there is a lot of hardware in there). I have Baker's cysts behind each knee that fill with my overflow of inflammation :( I...
  18. jaschembra

    [REVISION TKR] revision left knee In June

    I’m wishing you well for your revision surgery coming up soon. Get your nest ready. Curious... does your current tibial piece have screws? My cementless tibia piece has 4 screws in it as well. I am also not pain free and swell regularly; however, I get around most times as if I’m normal...
  19. jaschembra

    [TKR] One year out and still hot and painful

    Hopefully, when you see your surgeon in the States, you'll have more conclusive answers. My OS answer to my continued issues (very similar to your own) is: Time. "I've seen patients with these issues and it just takes time". I'm very active but yes... at 1 yr 4 mos. I still have heat, some...
  20. jaschembra

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Thanks ladies. And just to say... yes, the inflammation comes on, there is some pain... but, if I do less, I hurt more. I told my OS - even though I’m walking with discomfort, an 8,000 step day feels better than a 3-4,000 step day! He agreed and said the joint likes movement

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