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  1. ship4

    [TKR] Day 8 and having trouble with pain meds...

    I am allergic to percocet. Same reactions. I knew before my BTKR and was prescribed Dilaudid 2mg and Visteril (generic) 25 mg along with Celebrex. This worked great for me. Hopefully the Dilaudid does the trick for you.
  2. ship4

    [BILATERAL TKR] Dear Diary,

    Re: seeking advice on flexion needed for skiing... Sure I fall. I try not to, but it happens. I agree with Kelly. Take a private lesson with an instructor who will spend time with you 1:1. You will be amazed how it all comes back to you. Look forward to it, make it a goal is my advice!
  3. ship4

    [BILATERAL TKR] Dear Diary,

    Re: seeking advice on flexion needed for skiing... Hi, I am Crystal, BTKR in June of 2008. I have been "absent" for quite a while living life! I went back to skiing in February of 2009 following my BTKR. I have skied every winter since! I used to be a part time PSIA-E instructor @ Loon Mtn...
  4. ship4

    To nerve block or not to nerve block

    I too had femoral nerve blocks in each leg for my BTKR. I was not allowed to get out of bed until I could feel my legs..... It was a great choice for pain management right after surgery. I had my surgery on a Wednesday, and got out of bed on Saturday. I had been transferred to a rehab...
  5. ship4

    Getting cold feet or should I say knees?

    You are making the absolute correct decision! I have been a PE teacher for 5 years and then a child care provider for 30 years caring for other people's children (6 weeks to 6 years) daily. I returned to skiing, still work with the children daily, and having both my knees done in 2008 was the...
  6. ship4

    With mixed feelings.....

    Good Luck to you! As long as you are ready and prepared (we all are nervous, excited and scared), you will do fine. Remember to pace yourself during your recovery and take your medications on time! RICE! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate...... You will get your life back and be able to...
  7. ship4

    One year anniversary

    Diane, A wonderful post. I think you have expressed the feelings of many of us who have become lurkers and resumed living our lives, who stop in to visit the board occasionally. Congratulations to you! As time passes you will embrace the decision you made to have the replacement fully as one...
  8. ship4

    Help! Lost 40 pounds in 7 weeks.

    I went thru a stressful period in my life where I could not eat. The way I resolved it was a suggestion from my PCP.... Try to mix vanilla yogurt with orange juice or another juice you like to drink. equal quantities and drink it thru a straw.... This worked well for me and I gained my...
  9. ship4

    Made it to the 'other side'

    Diane, I hope you are taking oral Dilaudid. It was great for me for my BTKR... Hopefully you are pacing yourself and taking one day at a time and working hard on your recovery. Congratulations for making the decision to move on with your life! Good luck with this recovery. Once week 12 is...
  10. ship4

    At 7 weeks post op, is this normal?

    My advice: Once you hit the 12 week mark you will see a marked difference. It does take that long! You need to pace yourself and know you are doing all you can to recover. Don't allow yourself to wallow in depression. I know it is hard work, but it is worth it all in the end. Do what you...
  11. ship4

    Newbi here having a TKR sometime soon

    Re: Newbi here Welcome David, You will feel like a new man once you get them both done. Some OS will only do one at a time, and others do them both at once. Sometimes the insurance company will only pay the OS for doing one TKR when they actually do BTKR, so the OS only do one at a time. I...
  12. ship4

    Home Sweet Home

    madlobster1, Glad you are finally home and starting the road to getting your life back to being able to do things you used to enjoy. I slept in a recliner in our living room for the first 7 weeks I was home due to the sleep issues and having to ice during the nights. Eventually when I got off...
  13. ship4

    With mixed feelings.....

    Lawdog, Welcome! I think having both my knees replaced at the same time was the very best thing I have done for myself in years. I severely hurt one when I hit a tree skiing and broke the tibial plateau in 1996. I was told I would need to have it replaced by 2005. I did not, and wore my...
  14. ship4

    Home alone during day or rehab facility?

    Mary, I went to rehab. That being said, the beds in the rehab hospital can be moved! They bend just like recliners. I also had a recliner in my room. I suggest you take a tour of the rehab hospital you will be possibly checking into and see what they can do for you..... JMO
  15. ship4

    Can I work again?

    Hi Randy, Welcome. I am late on this thread. I think you should be able to go back to work after healing takes place both outside and inside the joint from the surgery. If you should wear out the inserts which are part of the TKR you can have new ones put in as needed without doing damage to...
  16. ship4

    Infection..what is the chance?

    Linda, I agree with the others super glue it (just had a 3 yo in care split his head open and the ER treated it with super glue). Go swimming and enjoy! I do have a friend who had both knees replaced and about 3 years out he had a cut on his ankle and the dog licked it. He did not clean it out...
  17. ship4

    Ready, Set, Go

    Good luck to you! You will be pleased about 8 weeks down the road you made this decision. It is tough going the first 2-3 weeks and gradually gets better. Ice, elevate, use your stocking for compression, and make sure you get plenty of rest. RICE! Rest, ice, compression, & elevation. Pace...
  18. ship4

    1 year anniversary

    Happy Anniversary Nancy. It is a milestone. The next year will be even better! You will find you will not think about your knee like you used to do on a daily basis. It is an "Oh yeah, I did have a knee replacement." feeling. Congrats! and enjoy life as you know it now~!!
  19. ship4

    Op was off - and then on again!

    Natalie, Glad to hear you finally had your surgery and are on the road to recovery. You will do fine. Keep icing, elevating, resting, and doing your exercises. Each day you will find you are doing better and better. Sleeping may be an issue. Remember for every hour you were under anesthesia...
  20. ship4

    Revision is my future!

    Judy, Will the new OS be using bone cement this time rather than trying to make a peri-menopausal woman or a menopausal woman try to grow bone? It is really difficult. I know a woman who had one knee done without cement and the prognosis was for the bone to grow in around the replacement over...

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