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  1. K

    Cheerio me old mates

    Hi gang, Recovery..its a word to use with caution..but at 10 wks post-op apart from the odd twinge and a little more ROM needed I feel its time to get back to a normal lifestyle. So me old mates I,m moving on..Thanks for your company and support during and after the hole process. Special thanks...
  2. K

    Finally off the dope

    Way to go doug!! Your out of the woods now...and no looking back! cheers klinger.
  3. K

    Dicolfenac Sodium-3%

    Hello mates, did you know Diclofenac comes in capsule/tablet form too, I,ve been taking it instead of pain killers since day 1....I know it can upset the tummy but you can get it with a modified coating so its way past the stomach before it disolves..hence NO side effects, cheers all klinger
  4. K

    pain meds

    Happend to me when I was given tramadol back in the days when first diagnosed with rheumatoid, it didnt last long but I never thought I,d ever go through cold turkey syndrome!!...cheers klinger
  5. K

    pain meds

    Dont these Doctors know they,re turning some of us into Junkies?
  6. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Answer this cos I dont know!....Why did Kamikazi pilots wear crash helmets??
  7. K

    First-timer from Oz seeking the basics to knee surgery

    Hi Sue, The definative answer will vary from person to person. When I had my knee done I walked out of the hospital the bloke next to me insisted his son wheel-chaired him out.They can last 25 some only 10. If you have it done you wont have bone on bone,now thats a good start! Me? I,d say get it...
  8. K


    Chuck em in the bin..... they,re not a proven medical device anyway! cheers klinger
  9. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Man goes into a pet-shop and says to the shop assistant.."hello".."good morning" says the assistant"how may I help?"... "I,d like to buy some wasps please" he says "I,m very sorry sir,we dont sell wasps!"...."well you,ve got a couple in the window!!!" says the man.
  10. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    "Apparently 1 in 5 people in the world are chinese...Now there are 5 people in my family, so which one of us is it?...Its either my mum or my dad?..... it could be my older brother Dave?...or is it my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu?......"mmn"......"You know!".. "I think its Dave!"
  11. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Hi folks... Q. Whats the difference between your wife and your girlfriend? A. About 40lbs usually!
  12. K


    Hi Verno, In my opinion.. 1. Get a second diagnosis. 2 Get the diagnosis simplified..you know so its understandable to ordinary folk. 3. Ask him/her is it bone on bone? Good luck, cheers klinger.
  13. K

    Tendon catching after TKR

    Hi Judy, If it feels like something mechanical and not the normal post-operative pain, I think I,d be inclined to go see a qualified physio and ask him if theres a tendon or ligament in that particular area that may cause your problem. Failing that ,its your surgeon thats your only course of...
  14. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Very good Gat, made me chuckle!...heres one for you... Man visits the Doctor and stands in front of him with a carrot up each nostril, a corndog in one ear and a snowcone in the other ear, tells the Doctor he isnt feeling very well....Doctor take one look and says....."I can tell whats wrong...
  15. K

    Knees Crack?

    Hello mates, mine klunks when walking as its going forward to be the leading leg, if that makes sense. It isnt painful but makes you think if its klunking is it going to effect its durability?
  16. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Hello mates, heres a few old sayings with hopefully a comical twist....... 1. "I,d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!" 2. "You know.... I,d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize!" 3. (Ham + Eggs)..."A days work for a chicken, life time commitment for a pig!" 4. "Hell hath no fury like the...
  17. K

    Joke Thread - Please Don't Post Comments

    Q. What did the elephant say to the naked man? A. How on earth do you manage to breath through THAT?!!
  18. K

    ok ok ok

    Cornish with clotted cream....yummy!!!...very fattening though! cheers.
  19. K

    Oh So Close!!!!!

    I,m getting to the stage where japanese whaling ships are shooting harpoons at me!! And people are calling me "MOBY"!
  20. K

    Oh So Close!!!!!

    Hey doug, A big congrats, I do believe you are our first runner!! I,m looking forward to being able to run but at a hefty 18.5 stone or as you yanks say 255lbs I,m wondering if I.ll be able to STOP!!! ha! ha! cheers klinger :D

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