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  1. Trudijane

    [THR] Lancs lass recovery thread<

    Hi, I am only 6-months post-op and a friend suggested I go back to swimming - I used to swim a mile day. However, just the thought of “kicking” the way I used to makes me feel as if it would not be good for me. Not talking about the frog kick, but even the flutter kick feels like it may be too...
  2. Trudijane

    [THR] Frequent urinating

    Robo, The same thing happened to me post-op. My body seemed to have a difficult time adjusting when it came to going to the bathroom. I had all sorts of issues. First, like you, I had to go to the bathroom all the time, which made my limited hospital stay very unpleasant given that it was SO...
  3. Trudijane

    [THR] Implant Too Big

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. First thing that comes to mind, is that if you have 'pain' there must be a reason for it and I would continue to find answers to the issues you have. Did you have any kind of pain after you first hip replacement? (aside from when you were recovering). What was...
  4. Trudijane

    [THR] THR To date

    Wow! I am amazed at the level of activity you have after 1 month!! I was whining and complaining that I could not do anything after 3 months - even now - after 6 months - although things have definitely improved, just in the last week. Could you say whether you were operated the 'Posteria' or...
  5. Trudijane

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    Steve, is it the same kind of pain that you had pre-op - or a different kind of pain. Trying too figure this out. I had SO much pain in my right hip, that I had to walk with a cane, and 3 months of Physical Therapy did not help; I knew that I had no choice but to replace it although I was so...
  6. Trudijane

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    I had a total right hip replacement in April, 2019. Everyone is different as far as pain levels and time. If I remember correctly, I was still taking a oxycodone pills at 12 weeks post-op because of the pain. My surgeon also told me that some day this could happen to my left hip. The thought...
  7. Trudijane

    [THR] 1 week post surgery

    Hi, Just curious, but was the surgery Posterior or Anterior method? I was told (just before my surgery in April) that, in general, it takes less time to heal when using the "anterior" method; however, I went with the surgeon I had (he only did it, as he put it, the old-fashioned Posterior way)...
  8. Trudijane

    [THR] My Summer Recovery in California

    Hi, I never mentioned this to the forum because I don’t even want to think about it; but after reading your post, I now remember what my surgeon told me ... which is...that my left hip is constructed very much like my right one was, meaning that the joint space was narrow to begin with and he...
  9. Trudijane

    [THR] Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Wow, I also am at 6-months recovery, and it's great for you that you are doing so well. You are so young. May I ask what your diagnosis was and why you need both hips replaced? My surgeon told me that my left is similar in structure to my right hip - so it would not be surprising that down...
  10. Trudijane

    [HIP INFECTION] Hip removal due to infection

    I am just another worried person who has had her 1st hip replacement on 4/4/19. I thought they were being so obsessed with all the things I had to do with preventing an infection but I followed everything I was told. Your post humbled my concerns, however; I think it's awful what you have had...
  11. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    What are the epidurals like? Do they help stiffness as well? Thx
  12. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    This is what I thought at first which is why I decided to go back to physical therapy (tomorrow). But then when I wrote to my surgeon regarding the issue, his assistant reminded me of the severe stenosis on the radiology tests, and advised me to go to Physical Medicine Department - where they...
  13. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    Thank you for responding. Crickethip, I remember reading the x-ray "severe stenosis of the spine, etc" but they were taken for my hip - not my back, so I wasn't paying much attention to what the x-rays were saying about my back!!! I do not remember feeling this stiffness in my back before...
  14. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    Hi, I wanted update the story where I have been complaining about a stiff back - when walking - and when I walk, itg feels like muscle in my front groin is pulling a bit. I have made an appointment with physical therapy, but also wrote my surgeon just yesterday. Here is what she (his...
  15. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    What is LLD I was wondering if they ever take meausrements when someone is getting a new hip. It would seem that it could be very easy to have one hip higher than the other? I find it impossible to diagnose myself; all I know is that the pulling and tightness of my lower back tires me out very...
  16. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    CricketHip, thank you for your feedback. I did make a new appointment for a physical therapist (next week) and I am jotting down any relevant information (like Yours) that pertains to what may be going on with the tightness in my groin while walking and the stiff back which is so tiring. If...
  17. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    Yes...I do plan on going back to physical therapy which I stopped early on. I hope I can get some clues as to why I'm feeling the discomfort. I was wondering if measurements are taken to make sure that one hip is aligned with the other. What if one hip is a little higher than the other? That...
  18. Trudijane

    [THR] 6-week post hip replacement issues (muscles?)

    Hello all. Going on 6 months now and while I have no pain - I still am very much aware that when I'm walking one side feels different from the other. I try to guess what may be causing the problems I'm experiencing, but I'm not sure anyone can. When I walk, I'm still aware of the difference...
  19. Trudijane

    [REVISION THR] Constant pain continuing 1 year after THR<^

    I share your sentiments about the way you are feeling. For awhile, it seemed as if I was able to forget that I even got a new hip, but lately, I have noticed a a few problems and it is hard to pinpoint or describe what I feel - but I'll try, I'm going on 6 months now, and while I no longer have...
  20. Trudijane

    [THR] Depression, anxiety R THR surgery 07/16/2019

    Hi, I also have suffered from bouts of depression/anxiety attacks before my hip surgery in April, but my frame of mind was pretty good until my hip started hurting me and then the hip replacement. It took awhile for me to figure out who would help me since I live alone and have to care for my...

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