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    ITBS exercises

    Yes, my left hip was a replaced 5 weeks ago....the right one 3 years ago...and now both IT bands are hurting. The right one was 3/4" too long and now the surgeon added 3/4" to the left hip so I would be "level". I don't know how I can do the recommended exercise if I am not to go over center...
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    ITBS exercises

    I have seen these stretches before, but I was "warned" not to "go over center", so how can I do these exercises?.....both hips have now been replaced.
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    ITBS exercises

    Since both hip replacements have left me with LLD, I am experiencing ITBS in both knees.... Does anyone have any solutions or exercises that has been successful to this condition? Thanks!
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    recovering slowly, too slowly?

    I am so glad I found your post. I am about 4 weeks out and still using my walker. I tried my cane yesterday, but found I was still limping very badly...which in turn, makes me have a back ache. I thought that by now I should be able to use the cane and in a few more weeks, be able to walk...
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    April Rainbows 2011 – Are You Having Hip Surgery In April?

    The other hip replacement is on April 12th. This time I am hoping he can level me out to match the other one that was screwed up by another surgeon!.... 3/4 " too long. Good luck to the rest of you who are replacing in April~~
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    Dealing with pre op nerves

    Amanda~~ I just was reading some old posts, getting caught on my friends from a former replacement.....and saw that your leg length was corrected! This is what I am hoping for...the last one made me 3/4" too long, so hope some can be added to the next one.....April 12th.
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    pain meds = terrible nausea

    Well, I hate to admit I am coming back on the forum.....I had a THR, TKR, and now April 12th, I will have the other hip replaced :-( BUT my main concern from the other replacement is the narcotics that they give me gives me EXTREME nausea and makes me vomit, have sweats, weakness, etc. Has...
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    Pain - unoperated leg

    Have either of you had your leg lengths measured? I was 3/4" longer on the THR and it has given me considerable trouble....and am over 2 years out. I hope you get this resolved because I know the pain/struggles of walking "un-even".
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    Has anyone resolved IT band issues??

    Mary Ellen~~~ Sorry you are having problems with your IT Band.....but I know only too well what you are going through, only mine has been over 2 years following my hip replacement...due to 3/4" LLD that he "graciously gave me"~~~ GURRRRR! It bothers me far more than my knee did before I got it...
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    Now the lower back pain!!

    I have spinal stenosis, as well as buldging disks and a cyst....so I have had problems with my back before, but it seems odd that it would come back after surgery when I had been getting along so well. Thanks PS...Does anyone know if there is a "back" forum like this one for joints?
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    Now the lower back pain!!

    I had never thought of a connection until I heard another lady in PT say she was having this problem also. I have had lumbar problems and had it pretty well controlled by injections, but since I had the spinal for my TKR, it has been giving me fits. Could the spinal have something to do with...
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    8 week check up and a minor set back

    When I went to my OS at 4 weeks, he said to remember that I was only 1/12th healed. It takes a full year for a TKR to heal....so try to be patient...and I know it is terribly hard.
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    OS is very pleased

    That was such good news. I hope I can have such a good report when I get to my 3 month. I am in my 8th week...knee is doing great...or so I think....but my back is really acting up now...that will be next. I'll be a bionic woman before long because I had a THR 2 years ago and three fusions...
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    I made it!

    I made it also~~ I had my TKR on Monday (3-1) and so far, so good. Only taking some Tramadol as needed. I had my hip done two year ago and that surgeon made me 3/4 inch too long.....needless to say I found another surgeon. Loved him and the joint facility is the best! Phoggie
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    The Operating List - just dates please, no chat, no questions

    Re: The Operating List - just dates please, no chat, no ques Coming from the Hip Replacement side to Knee...surgery March 1st
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    [TKR] My post-op blog!

    Hi Jo~~~ I am back on this forum after my THR and the possibility of BTKR coming up after my back surgery.....so when reading the posts, I find that you have had your TKR.....and sounds like you are doing very well....going up those stairs right after you got home~~~but what a cab driver...
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    What pain meds can you tolerate?

    I am headed for back surgery and then double knee replacements....and I recently had a total hip replacement...but oh my gosh, I vomited my guts out from pain meds....tylenol seemed to be the only thing I could tolerate. Being that sick is worse than the pain was. Anyone else have such a...
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    Iliotibial band inflammation?

    Oh yes, I have had numerous trips to the chiropractor...and nothing has helped there. He does "instrument" adjustments and I am not sure he is getting to the problem with them.....and gets very defensive when I suggest something else.
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    Iliotibial band inflammation?

    It has been over a year (Feb. 11, 2008) since I had my THR......and what a year it has been!!!! My OS left me with an 1" LLD and this has caused what everyone is calling IT Band Syndrome....plus Bursitis for which I was given an injection....that did no good. To date, I have been to the PT...
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    Bilateral THR - eight months post op and still in PAIN

    I am sorry you are also having problems. I had my right THR on Feb. 11 and am still having a lot of problems with pain in that leg. OS "thinks" I have IT Band Syndrome....and I do have many of your symptoms. I am starting another round of PT trying to stretch that band....if this doesn't...

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