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  1. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Slow and Steady Recovery

    Just caught up on your thread. You seem very active for a knee who is only one month old. At that point in time I was still iced, elevated and resting 23.5 hours per day. This recovery can't be pushed and requires extraordinary patience. It is worth it in the end. Good luck as you proceed...
  2. Red's Mom

    [TKR] 60 degrees ROM at 2 weeks. No progress at all :-( <

    Yeah Brian! Good to hear your enjoying your new knee. It is so true this is a year+ recovery period. Enjoy life! Thanks for the update.
  3. Red's Mom

    Bonesmart newbie- right tkr - 90 days and counting

    Your family will be temporarily inconvenienced for a permanent fix to years of pain and discomfort. I encourage you to mentally cross the bridge to self care for the initial recovery periods. You may want to look into the GFS Marketplace store for pop in the oven one pan meals that are family...
  4. Red's Mom

    Flying after surgery

    If your still icing carry empty ziplock bags through security and request ice from a food vendor on the other side of security. I was required to take asprin the day before, day of and day after my flights and use the alternating compression sleeves in flight. Try to get seats with extra room...
  5. Red's Mom

    Moving Forward On Two New (Conformis) Knees

    Greetings and well wishes as you head into the two new knees phase of your life. I am exactly a year ahead of you. Machu was installed 11/1/16 and Picchu followed on 11/28. I am a retired nurse. The BoneSmart mantras made sense to me. My OS was comfortable with me directing my recovery and...
  6. Red's Mom

    And another Dr says no

    Many folks here have had TKR at "young" ages. Keep looking and in the meantime address your other health issues. I hope you are able to find a way to alleviate your knee pain!
  7. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Two New Knees!

    It's hard to believe but last week I scheduled my "yearly" checkup! It was 11 1/2 months ago this journey started. Machu and Picchu have different personalities but both are overall happy campers. The recovery is a journey but the process is totally worth it. I am now blessed with a pain...
  8. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Cherie's Post-Op TKR Questions and Observations

    I'm hoping this six week plan will bring you some relief. It must be very frustrating to be struggling a full year out. Please keep us posted. In the meantime know I'm sending good vibes your way!
  9. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Help

    Tired was a big part of the recovery. There was something magic after the six month though. I began to get a bit of my energy back and by 9 months my energy level seemed to return to normal. Remember the recovery for a TKR is a full year or more. Read the library articles about energy drain...
  10. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Starling's Staged TKRs Recovery Thread

    @Starling welcome! You are doing well for two new knees! The BoneSmart mantras work! Please don't overdo anything and rest elevate and I've often. Good wishes for continued success with your new knees.
  11. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Question About Using Heat

    Great news! You'll continue to gain for a long time!
  12. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Question About Using Heat

    throughout my recoveries I experienced all sorts of weird sensations. Some painful, some just weird. Pressure, snapping, sliding into place, feeling like it was going to give out etc. occasionally I still have weird pops and cracks. All normal is what I'm told! Thankfully they do seem to...
  13. Red's Mom

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Julie. I just got back on BoneSmart. I'm sending hugs and a ladder your way to grab onto and climb up out of the pit, I'm sorry your having dark days again. This recovery thing is arduous for sure. Your strong and have a strong faith. Your going to be ok. My knees L<R still get angry...
  14. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Recovery Time<

    Oh my goodness. You've worked so hard and are still struggling. Please listen to Josephine and try the BoneSmart mantras! Odom luck to you!
  15. Red's Mom

    [TKR] JJ65's RTKR Recovery Thread

    Try tapping gently. I found that when I weaned of norco the itching went away!
  16. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Trying to stay positive

    :welome: OJ2 I'm glad you have done your pre op reading and already know the guidelines. Read them daily and don't let anyone hurt you! Deep breath. In a few short months you will be pain free for many years to come. Stay ahead of the pain in those first days and weeks. You've got this...
  17. Red's Mom

    [TKR] New Knee Worries<

    Adopt the mantras dear one and things will all work out. Live your life gently. This recovery has its own time frame. I'm still gaining ROM many months after surgery. Don't push, relax, elevate and ice be gentle!
  18. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Question About Using Heat

    I had pain and took medications for at least 8-10 weeks. For me (don't compare) 8 weeks out seemed to be a big turning point and by 12-16 weeks I was falling in love with my new knees. I can't believe the "nurse" is giving you so much gruff. My guess is she is not truly a RN or she has some...
  19. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Wee hours of the morning, I found you<

    :flwrysmile: Oh my gosh Patti! Just read your thread. Your doing SO much so soon! Be careful! You can't work at this recovery. Listen to the pros and follow the mantras! I hope you are able to see the wisdom in the BoneSmart approach. I am so happy I found BoneSmart and took control of...
  20. Red's Mom

    [TKR] Terrible muscle spasms<<

    :welome: The experts will be here soon but in the meantime go to the library tab and start reading. Many of us have had terrible muscle knots and spasms post operatively. Rest, ice,:ice: elevate, medicate and very gentle stretching is the key. Keep us posted on how your doing. :flwrysmile:

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