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  1. PRGal

    3 years & all is well!

    Went for my 3-year check-up today . . . in a nutshell: rock solid! :yay: To all of you who are in the early days of recovery, let me assure you that the rewards are indescribably amazing! Three weeks ago, hubby, dog and I hiked a 2.4 mile trail. Last weekend, I skipped down the "Yellow Brick...
  2. PRGal

    Anterior Approach

    I had my direct anterior 2 years ago as of Oct. 30. My experience was great: Surgery on a Thursday; home on Saturday. Off walker in less than 10 days; never used a cane. Off narcotic pain meds after 3 weeks. Went back to work full time (office job) at just over 5 weeks, but was itching to go...
  3. PRGal

    Famous People

    Perhaps they were just being respectful of her privacy rather than rude . . . it's something we almost never grant celebrities, perhaps because somewhere along the line someone bought into the theory that even bad publicity is better than anonymity . . . Just a thought.
  4. PRGal

    Revision! Finally and thankfully!

    I'm so glad you finally found an answer! Best to you, as always!
  5. PRGal

    Famous People

    Infamous? AMEN! (major eye roll--since there's no smiley with that expression!) (Sorry, Mud, but as one of your hippie contemporaries here, I SO could not let that go!!! :evil: Nonetheless, as a true & loyal friend, my lips are sealed! :D)
  6. PRGal

    silly question about compression stockings

    Linda, as I'm sure you've seen if you've perused this forum, these stockings are rather routinely despised, but it sure beats risking clots! Frankly, I didn't find them THAT awful, and didn't really have any issues removing & putting them on again, BUT I had anterior approach & had no...
  7. PRGal

    Potential Hip Replacement

    Steve--as the Nike folks say, "Just do it!" I didn't wait until I was totally immobile or in agony . . . the way I saw it, it had to happen eventually, so why waste precious months hurting more each day. I also chose anterior after considerable research plus a personal referral from a friend...
  8. PRGal

    Tattoo question--need input

    OMG, Bill! Could you possibly be considering a "Tramp Stamp?" NAH--surely not! :evil:
  9. PRGal

    Inspirational, hilarious/creepy dance video.

    I bet she's one one those "double-jointed" folks you see in carnivals--like the guy who could fold himself up into 24" square box. It both amazing a bit creepy!
  10. PRGal

    Too Squeamish to Watch the Hip Replacement video

    I had direct anterior--and watched both animated and actual--the night before my surgery! Animated is informative and definitely not frightening. (Not for me anyway--it's just too "detached" from your real body.) Actual surgical video requires a tolerance for reality (no, it's not horribly...
  11. PRGal

    Back on the forum again

    Jessie, I know I'm giving you totally unsolicited advice, so take all I say with a grain of salt and let your heart be your guide. (BTW, I also do NOT believe in frivolous litigation, but I DO believe in fairness & justice.) Most DEFINITELY let the lawyer figure out whether to go after...
  12. PRGal

    Back on the forum again

    Hi Jessie! I'm so sorry you're back under these circumstances . . . I'm not sure I understand why you have no recourse with Zimmer just because your surgery was done under Veterans' auspices--it was a confirmed, admittedly defective product--hence the recall. Hope your lawyer can help (civilian...
  13. PRGal

    Not sure about traveling

    Atta girl! :thmb:
  14. PRGal

    Trailblazer Jaycey on the other side

    I slept in our guest room for the first month after my THR for MY sake--best thing I ever did! Hubby not only snores like a race car engine, he's got every other bad sleeping habit you can think of--thrashing about, space & covers hog and -- AHEM -- what I'll politely term "sleep-groping."...
  15. PRGal

    teejay's six-months-out report

    Of course not; it just makes things easier, faster and perhaps somewhat more precise & less likely to be affected by human error. Just like this could have been written in pen & ink, or on a typewriter, then sent by post. Personally, as long as it's been proven, I'm all for the latest...
  16. PRGal

    Shape-ups Shoes??

    I have some Shape-Ups and absolutely love them, but definitely agree that you should wait to try them until you're completely healed and walking confidently. They take some getting used to, especially in finding your balance, and my thigh and butt muscles were even a bit sore for the first 2-3...
  17. PRGal

    teejay's six-months-out report

    Teejay! So glad you came back with a glowing report! I'll admit skydiving is NOT in my repertoire of activities, but that's due to a brain barrier, NOT my hip! The fact that I can effortlessly clamber around on the floor with 11-month old twin grandbabies (plus a nearly 4-year-old "princess," is...
  18. PRGal

    Info on Johnson & Johnson Depuy

    Welcome! Try this link. Knowledge is good, so learn as much as you can. But remember, your OS is the expert! Hope you then return here--great place to ask questions, share experiences and give/get support!
  19. PRGal

    Need a new OS

    Don't let his youth be a deterrent--see him, ask questions, listen to your gut. My OS was only 2 years out from completing his post-residency fellowship (where he learned his specialization in direct anterior approach). Despite his youth (he was my daughter's age!), when he did my THR, he was...
  20. PRGal

    Dental Work...mostly cleaning & xrays

    Patrikya, here in the US, the official position of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Dental Association is prophylactic antiobiotics for 2 years post surgery. Here's a link to their advisory. (Yes, it dates back to 1997, but it hasn't changed.) You should be...

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