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  1. JDinCT

    [TKR] Coming along<<

    Glad to hear you are doing so well!...
  2. JDinCT

    [TKR] JDinCT Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I posted, but thought I would chime in with my six month update. One of my key goals was to be able to do a 20 mile outdoor bike ride by Labor Day (US Holiday). This year Labor day fell on Sept 2, 2019.... well.... I was actually doing outdoor 20+...
  3. JDinCT

    [TKR] JDinCT Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone from 35,000 feet over the Atlantic!... I'm about half way to London Town... unfortunately just a pass through on my way to Prague.... wish I had time to have a G&T with all my UK friends... but it will have to be a virtual one this time as I'm only at Heathrow for about two...
  4. JDinCT

    [PARTIAL KR] Catkins recovery from PKR!

    @catkin69 Congrats on the milestone...…. :thumb: good to hear you are moving right along and progressing well...
  5. JDinCT

    [TKR] Bionic's final op - fingers crossed<

    @Bionic Congrats on the ROM milestone... :thumb: Glad to hear you are progressing well... :yahoo:
  6. JDinCT

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @Irish471 Good to hear you are progressing along nicely .... :thumb:
  7. JDinCT

    [TKR] JDinCT Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone!.... the bike ride did not happen this weekend due to the crappy weather in CT this weekend.... don't let the pics below fool you... it rained like crazy Friday and Saturday and wind was howling Saturday.... we have had the second wettest April on record in Connecticut this...
  8. JDinCT

    [TKR] Snoots recovery thread<

    I too have a clunk on occasion.... most notably going up or down stairs. My OS says this is very normal and typical and should reduce as the muscles and ligaments regain their strength and proper position. For reference, I am 8 weeks post-op tomorrow and still have the clunking....
  9. JDinCT

    [TKR] Steri strip tape still on going on 4 weeks post op

    @Vansan :welome: I also had low blood pressure for about a week post-op.... I "think" that is a side effect of anesthesia.... I had a hydro-morphine drip for the first 36 hours for pain control along with oxycodone and Tylenol.... it seemed to work well for me.... but once they took me off the...
  10. JDinCT

    [TKR] JDinCT Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone!... hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter and looking forward to a great spring! :flwrysmile: The weather here in Connecticut has been quite pleasant although a little wet.... but that's Spring in New England.... I was seven weeks post-op yesterday and have seen a good uptick in...
  11. JDinCT

    [REVISION TKR] Jolease's knee saga part 3<^

    @Jolease I have been told by my OS that going down stairs foot-over-foot is one of the hardest things to master post TKR... my OS is 18 weeks post-op and still cannot go foot-over-foot down stairs. I too had severe zingers and over-sensitive nerves firing and am still taking the gabapenton. It...
  12. JDinCT

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @Irish471 .. I too have high arches and have similar problems when I don't wear shoes.... I have what I call "glass ankles" since I can twist my ankle at the drop of a hat... so I often wear shoes in or outdoors. Happy Five Week Anniversary!! :flwrysmile:
  13. JDinCT

    [PARTIAL KR] Catkins recovery from PKR!

    @catkin69 ... Great to hear your progress! A 2.5 mile walk is fabulous... :yay: I'm just up to 5 miles on my indoor bike ... I'm thinking about a short (~5 miles) outdoor bike ride at the shore this weekend if the weather cooperates.... :bicycle1: I agree the sea air is calming and makes me...
  14. JDinCT

    [TKR] Lindylee's recovery thread<

    @Lindylee .... It's great you are back to dancing :dancy:... I've yet to muster up even the thought yet....
  15. JDinCT

    [TKR] Snoots recovery thread<

    @snoots Good to hear you're out at the gym.... I find it's as much as attitude as anything else... just that you went and gave it a shot says something... :thumb: To me... That FIRE & ICE thing sounds more terrifying than the bike... :heehee:
  16. JDinCT

    [TKR] Staying positive

    Welcome aboard... being tired and not sleeping well seems to be par for the course with knee replacement surgery.... I am a little over seven weeks out and have started getting consistent reasonable quality sleep in about the last 1.5 weeks.... still have some nights when it's not great...
  17. JDinCT

    [TKR] Bionic's final op - fingers crossed<

    @Bionic Looks very lovely!.... and tasty!...:friends:
  18. JDinCT

    [TKR] Snoots recovery thread<

    I think you need a couple G&T to lift your spirits.... :snork: :cheers2:
  19. JDinCT

    [TKR] Irish471's Recovery Thread

    @Irish471 .. hope you find some restful quality sleep soon.... I've just started to get that on a regular basis and I'm six weeks post-op yesterday..... only about a week for me getting consistent quality sleep 3-4 hours at a shot....
  20. JDinCT

    [TKR] Bionic's final op - fingers crossed<

    @Bionic Great to hear you feel you've turned a corner!!…. feels great doesn't it!!

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