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  1. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    Hi @Mojo333 -- to early to set a date, yet I think. The os told me to see him 2 months prior to set things up. Thank you for the well wishes. I'll be here lurking the boards. I always learn something new whenever I lurk...like the dog dishes with the stick...didn't know they existed. They...
  2. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    hi @Layla, It's gonna be a boy!! It was a nice party. The gender reveal thing hasn't been a thing for very long. I think only the past few years. It's nice to do I guess. More interesting than a regular shower, which she will have in a few months, too. We didn't buy gifts for the baby...
  3. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    hi @Layla , Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate you. I am fine, still lurking every day. My summer was ok, uneventful. This weekend the weather has been great so far. I had a hair and nail day today. I have a gender reveal party tomorrow. It's my nephew and his wife's party. I am...
  4. Mersada

    Cat feeding and litter box cleaning Post-Op

    omg...I would have anxiety over that, too. What a traumatic experience. I hope it doesn't happen again. Best wishes to you. Will look forward to hearing about your recovery. Hope it's uneventful and easy, what I wish for all of us.
  5. Mersada

    [THR] Supersonic's Post Op Thread

    i am pre-op and these are the type of posts I love to hear about. Glad everything going great for you. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress!
  6. Mersada

    Cat feeding and litter box cleaning Post-Op

    Thank you for this tip....they have for dogs too but, I think I like the kitty one better it has stainless steel bowls. The dog one is plastic.
  7. Mersada

    Cat feeding and litter box cleaning Post-Op

    I have the same concerns with caring for my dogs. I have them wee wee pad trained. That site nextdoor.com is great. There is a lady on there in my area that charges 10 a visit. Other than that, I bought the grabber, some aluminum dishes and a pooper scooper...I'm hoping that will help...
  8. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    Awe, thanks you guys, I appreciate that @Mojo333
  9. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    Thank you @Mojo333 hope yours is too!!
  10. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    hi @Layla, thank you for thinking of me. I am still here lurking the boards...checking out what's new. My summer is ok. I am limited in what I can do, but I have to deal with that for now. Glad your enjoying your current weather. I prefer spring and fall myself. We had a lot of rain this...
  11. Mersada

    Surgery coming soon!

    Wow, no cane or walker....I didn't think that was possible. Good luck. Looking forward to hearing about your recovery.
  12. Mersada

    [THR] Hiptopia!

    Loved reading about your recovery journey...I hope to have a recovery as "boring" as yours!! Looking forward to reading about your next stages of recovery...don't be shy about it.:snork:
  13. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    @Barbaraj thank you for your words of advice. I wish you the best on your next replacement, you have a couple of months to go. I hope your is one of the success stories I look forward to reading. I understand most who have good outcomes leave the boards or don't write at all. I get...
  14. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    I applied and got denied. I didn't appeal because the os that completed the paperwork for me is not the os I will be using for my surgery. They wanted 2 exam notes and a description of the xray and what not. I just got fed up and gave up. I don't see an os regularly to get 2 exam notes...
  15. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    hi @Layla , yes, I'm still here lurking and adding some feed back when I can. I like to participate, even though I'm not quite there myself. Things are ok some days and some days not so ok...but, pain level is not that high, it's just not comfortable walking too far. I will have to deal with...
  16. Mersada

    Intro / Pre surgery list

    Hi, and welcome!! Good luck with your surgery. Even though I don't have a date yet, and it's way in my future. Here are some of the things I purchased to make life easier after surgery. Gel ice packs large enough for hip--2 to rotate on amazon. A tray for my walker. A shower chair. Raised...
  17. Mersada


    I tried a couple of meal delivery services. I really didn't like a lot of the food. Now, I just buy my favorite frozen dinners...Marie Callender has great dinners and good portions. I don't like to cook, either and I'm single so I have no other option.
  18. Mersada

    SuperPath and Hip Dysplasia

    Hi @Layla, Thank you for thinking of me. I am hanging in there. I have my good and bad days. Still lurking the boards. I hope you have a great week!!
  19. Mersada

    Help with finding soft underwear?

    Try Hanes they sell cotton boy style underwear for women and they're not expensive.
  20. Mersada

    RTHR at some point...

    Hi @Deeship45 -- I have hip dysplasia so, it a little more complicated, so they don't want to go in that way. I have had 5 consultations. All said mine was a bit complicated, which makes me worry but, I can't change that. I can't walk long distances but, I sleep fine, no pain and around the...

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