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  1. ebungalow

    Mom of 2 looking for guidance

    @LAbabymama Good information, but so sorry to hear that - hope you can get at least some sleep. I know it’s awful not to be able to sleep.
  2. ebungalow

    Mom of 2 looking for guidance

    @LAbabymama The oil with THC isn’t legal in my state, so I’ve been taking the full-spectrum CBD oil which is legal here. I did a bunch of online research and understand that the full spectrum may have a minuscule bit of THC in it, but there are no effects from it. Sorry - I don’t know...
  3. ebungalow

    Mom of 2 looking for guidance

    Hi @LAbabymama I read online that CBD oil + melatonin are the magic bullet for sleep, and I totally agree! CBD oil is legal where I live too. I take ~30 mg of CBD oil tincture under my tongue, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then take a 3 mg dissolvable melatonin tablet. These two...
  4. ebungalow

    Pre- Op Questions???

    I, too, had femoral blocks for both TKRs and very much appreciated them. They lasted for three days each time and helped a lot with pain for those days. Regarding sleep, in my experience you’ll just need a TON of patience. I’ve just been able to sleep in bed again within the past couple of...
  5. ebungalow

    Having anxiety about the other leg TKR

    @CRAZY TOM I had both knees replaced one year apart almost to the day. Yes, I had some anxiety because I knew what was coming, but I also wanted to get it over with. I think the second one may have been more difficult, but not hugely more difficult. And the difficulty may have been caused...
  6. ebungalow

    [TKR] Time for #2

    My OS released me last Friday and I’m so happy! He had me make another appointment for June, but said I could cancel it if things continue to progress as they are doing now. I stopped PT a few weeks ago and am very happy about that too. The knee still isn’t super bendy, but I can carefully do...
  7. ebungalow

    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    @tcdc135 In my experience, hips are much easier. There’s some information on the boards somewhere explaining why this is so. You’ll do great!
  8. ebungalow

    [TKR] CorpHippie's recovery thread

    @CorpHippie Good description of the fears and process of those first showers :) yes, it sounds about right. I had bruising for my first TKR, but absolutely zero bruising for my second. I kept waiting for it to appear but it never did. Who knows.
  9. ebungalow

    [TKR] Snoots recovery thread<

    Hope you feel better very soon @snoots!
  10. ebungalow

    [TKR] 2½ weeks and almost feel like I'm going backwards<^

    @p928s Hey there - yes, it’s all totally normal. I’m recovering from my second TKR. Please go easy on yourself - this recovery can be a long slog. It truly does take almost a year to fully recover although you’ll feel much better long before that. My 14-week old knee is still swollen at...
  11. ebungalow

    [THR] 20th March op date

    Oh my gosh, @Trendynan I’m so very sorry that happened
  12. ebungalow

    [TKR] Lindylee's recovery thread<

    @Lindylee Great checkup!
  13. ebungalow

    [TKR] 14 weeks post op

    @julie1968 Sounds like you’re doing well in recovery and especially well in being assertive! My first PT had those random goals for me as well. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned on BoneSmart is that I can give my very best effort (however each of us defines that), but in the end...
  14. ebungalow

    [TKR] Coming along<<

    @Elad1002 Hi Dale - I answered the patellar tendon question just now on my thread. So glad you’re liking the compression stockings! I’m still wearing them and think they make a huge difference in swelling and fatigue. It sounds like you really are coming along. I’ve been having the odd...
  15. ebungalow

    [TKR] Time for #2

    Thought I’d give an update - RTKR will be at 14 weeks next Monday. @Elad1002 Hi Dale! I saw your question about the patellar tendon issue. My PT diagnosed it. His diagnosis made sense to me because he could press various spots on my leg and make the pain appear when I was sitting down...
  16. ebungalow

    [TKR] Gia’s New Knee

    @beachy Sent you a PM
  17. ebungalow

    [TKR] Coming along<<

    @Elad1002 Dale, I’m so glad it went well today! And I use that exact phrase, “I’m coming along” all the time. It’s perfect. It covers the bad days and the better days, and I don’t have to say which day is which and try to explain why.
  18. ebungalow

    [TKR] Coming along<<

    @Elad1002 Hope today goes really well for you!
  19. ebungalow

    [TKR] Ugh! Finish Line continues to elude me

    @aggiemomma So sorry you’re still experiencing that swelling. I’m a teacher too, but not with a group of busy 5th graders. I can imagine how much you must be on your feet. I’ve been wearing a thigh-high, open-toe Jobst compression stocking and it helps immensely with swelling. Bought a...
  20. ebungalow

    Revision of 3½ year old TKR**

    @Josephine So glad the aspiration was normal and fingers crossed that you get a much earlier surgery date! I must admit that I smiled a bit when you described your little old lady act :)

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