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  1. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    Hello All, Had my 6 week check up today. My flexion is around 80. They offered me an MUA; of course I respectfully declined. But they want me in some sort of brace that you wear 2-3 times per day and you "crank it" (PA's words) tight so it forces flexion and you stay in that position for 20...
  2. Momma-me

    [TKR] On a journey

    Im so sorry with what you are experiencing. Many of us have been down that road... many sports medicine surgeries before succumbing to a total knee replacement As for your calf, do you have redness, heat and soreness/tenderness in a particular area? It could be a sign of a DVT. I had the same...
  3. Momma-me

    [MUA] 10 weeks post PKR both knees and 2 weeks post MUA

    @jenm1970 We all do the best and make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time. We can't worry about what happened yesterday; but only what we can do today and tomorrow. That's it. And keep the faith. Hang in there girl. I have been through much of the same...
  4. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision TKR 2nd time Lucky

    I had those "zingers" last night too! SO painful; for about 15 minutes straight. I was doing my lamaze type breathing to get through them. LOL Then they suddenly stopped. I have no idea what brings them on, or where they go when they decide to leave. AHHH the joys.....
  5. Momma-me

    [BILATERAL TKR] Loose ligaments

    Agree with all the others!! Time to move on! As Pumpkin stated, you cannot "strengthen" ligaments. Sounds like your doc doesn't want to deal with this or is not taking this seriously. Best wishes! Keep pressing forward until you get the answers you deserve!
  6. Momma-me

    [KNEE INFECTION] Revision with infection

    Wishing you all the best for a successful surgical outcome! xoxo
  7. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Difficult recovery after surgery

    OMG you poor thing. I hope you can get some answers. You have been through so much. Just know that you are not alone and we are all here for you to provide comfort and support in the best way we can. xoxo
  8. Momma-me

    [MUA] 10 weeks post PKR both knees and 2 weeks post MUA

    @robertjohsnson You CRACKED me up! I loved your post and can testify to this myself!
  9. Momma-me

    [MUA] 10 weeks post PKR both knees and 2 weeks post MUA

    @jenm1970 First of all, I am so sorry for all you have been through. My heart breaks for you as I have been through a lot of what you are describing. Unless someone has been there, you just can't really understand what someone is walking through. So thankful for this forum and support...
  10. Momma-me

    [TKR] Left TKR

    @Jockette yes, here on BS, we are able to connect with those of us who are having difficulties and or "slower" recoveries. But in the real world... at least in my experience, I have only heard of those popping back up as if nothing happened. A lady at church had bilateral and was back at...
  11. Momma-me

    [TKR] Left TKR

    @Rockgirl4 I know, right? I hear of people sitting up in chairs (knee bent to 100 degrees) walking all over the hospital day 1, off all pain meds and assistive devices by 2 weeks. At 2 weeks, I was still wondering if I had died and gone to hell. :yikes: Just kidding (kinda)
  12. Momma-me

    [TKR] Left TKR

    I couldn't raise my leg for 2 weeks. At 3 weeks, I could do 3 straight leg raises at once. I am now 4 weeks and can do 10 straight leg raises at one time. Every week, I got a WEE BIT stronger. Tons of swelling, pain, zingers, etc etc... It has been rough, for sure. Some people seem to jump...
  13. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    Hi everyone! Back from my appt! Much to my surprise and delight, I ended up seeing a different NP, whom I liked MUCH better! She only asked about PT and how things were going... said I looked "good" and just basically told me to keep on keepin on. LOL At PT, my flexion is still at 73. Not...
  14. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    @Jockette no I didn't . Why?
  15. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for your reassurance. It means a ton to me right now. (And yes, I was yelling... LOL) :flwrysmile: I will post tomorrow after my appt with OS and my PT, which is right after. I am going to have to be strong and tell them exactly what I think. I am...
  16. Momma-me

    [TKR] Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    I'm so sorry for everything you have been through. I can relate. A botched arthroscopic in 2016, led to the next surgery in 2017, which was a patella femoral replacement AND an OATS (cartilage graft on the lateral condyle). I was in a straight leg brace, no weight bearing for 12 weeks. The...
  17. Momma-me

    [TKR] Mika’s Journey - 14 days in^

    Hi there, In an earlier post, you stated that most of your pain was in the medial area. So is mine. Almost ALL OF IT. Terrible, sharp pain. I don't know if this is "normal" either, but just wanted you to know, I am experiencing the same thing. I think we are approx 1 week apart from our TKRs
  18. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    @Josephine (or anyone else with any thoughts) Since my surgery, the area in which I have the most pain, is on the medial side. It feels as if something is ripping in there when I try to do my ROM stretches and a lot of times it stabs and throbs. Today, I can't even put any weight on it. I...
  19. Momma-me

    [REVISION TKR] Revision to TKR <

    Hi all, I was wondering if it is appropriate at 3 weeks post op (or any time, really), at PT... to lie on your stomach and try to pull your foot up (or have someone push it or use a strap) to gain flexion. My home PT did this to me last week, and it was excruciating. I couldn't bend it at...
  20. Momma-me

    [TKR] Work

    @winemama You stated, "Your body will tell you when you can slow Down on the pain medication" I wish this were true. Unfortunately, many OS's take you off them when they believe YOU "should" be off of them. I just asked for a refill of my hydrocodone. I am only 2 1/2 weeks out and I am...

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