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    [HIP INFECTION] Recurring Hip Infection

    Hi, I wish you lots of luck with hopefully your final hip. I am sort of in the same position as you, I am on my third bout of infection over the last 6 years, at the moment i have a spacer in from last aug 2018.,i have been off antibiotics for 10months now. With my infection team and...
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    [REVISION THR] Pseudotumour

    @Beckford I am so sorry you are having all these problems,but,maybe at last you have an answer to your problems and if they have a plan then this will get you on the road back to health and mobility,keep in touch, we are all here to help.Hugsxxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel I hope they are very proud of how well you are getting on, and the news will be super. Hugsxxx
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    [BILATERAL THRs] Grateful Double Hippy

    @Mojo333 Oooh owch painful, more care needed I think,ice and lots more ice. Hugsxxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] problem

    @Mojo333 I am really well,slightly apprehensive before my blood results tomorrow, but trying not to worry, abit tired been cutting back and tidying all my 40 pots! I really do make things hard to test myself! Done abig shop for an elderly gentleman who is housebound but does like lovely food...
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    [HIP INFECTION] Hip revision - 14 days post surgery bacteria found

    @Lucy707 Hi Lucy,so sorry its looking like you have an infection, I did not have the same infection as you, but i guess most of us who have these things are treated in a similar way. The good thing is you sound well so hopefully this can be dealt with antibiotics. I have had two different...
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel Amazing lady hugsxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel you are doing wonderfully,there is no hurry it really doesnt matter how long we take its not a race,its all about wellness going slowly and feeling happy, please dont be blue, I know how it feels, especially doing things one handed, we will all get there, relax and let those muscles...
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel super,i am doing the same,we all think we can fly!!xxxxxhugsxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel I think when our bodies have been through such trauma they give us a gentle reminder to slow down and just remind us to go slow! I have been exactly running back and forward to the loo recently,so we both need to be gentle with ourselves! You are so brilliant and getting on so...
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    [HIP INFECTION] problem

    @ Everyone,thank you for listening and reading ,not a day goes by that i dont think of you all and the challenges we are all facing. The sun shone brightly today and i took my 91 year old step mum and her sister 87 out to the garden centre for lunch,it is amazing how much lunch they can eat,its...
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    [HIP INFECTION] problem

    @ Everyone Its been a few months since i touched base about myself,although i pop in and out to see how everyone is doing! It has been so fantastic to be at home this summer doing all the normal things which were not possible last year. I have gardened around 40 pots on the patio, a...
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel Wonderful to see how fantastically you are doing, amazing girl, enjoy every moment in that beautiful sunshine,hugs and lovexxx
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    [REVISION THR] Artificial joint infection

    @dav2stage I so feel for you, being at one with my spacer for the last year, It certainly gives us challenges. I seemed to spend a great deal of time worrying about my blood tests,but i havnt a clue what yours mean,will your consultant not give you proper results and explanations,i think we...
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    [THR] Layla's Recovery

    @Layla Belated Happy Anniversary lovely lady, you carry us all along on our journeys with kindness, compassion and utter kindness. Hugs and lovexxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel Wonderful news happy happy lady, you have made my day. Hugs and lovexxxxxxxxxx
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel Bless you, these are such difficult times, and they do go on for a long time, but i understand what trials you both have to go through, believe me i have been through most of them ,but in time a greater understanding develops and you start to work together. I so want to be...
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel Fantastic, life is getting back to normal for you and your husband,so happy for you. I am doing a great deal of planting in large pots, easier than getting down to floor level, i enjoy every moment of it,including grubby finger nails, somehow my gloves always escape off my hands...
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    [HIP INFECTION] THR from hell

    @Fractured So happy for you and your wife,have a happy weekend.x
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    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    @Izabel I hope your teeth will soon be sorted, all these drugs have such horrible side effects, I am on aledronic acid whilst I am on steroids for my polymyalga,it seems to be a vicious circle where drugs are involved. You sound to be doing wonderfully with your hip, sunshine is such an...

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