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  1. Pattipoo

    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    OMG....can't believe this thread that I started is still alive!!!! Awesome!!! Sending my best to everyone!! Life is grand! My two "smith and wesson's" (actually smith and nephews but I mess up every time I say it!) are great! Have a great summer. smooches all around!!! Pattipoo
  2. Pattipoo

    pre-op appt; out or partially out?

    in 12 days, I'll be "going the same route" as last time... GA with a nerve block in groin. I had no trouble with it.
  3. Pattipoo

    To my surprise, Doing good

    Hunnie-bun....the meds + the surgery makes us all very emotional. When I had my first TKR we would stay online ALL NIGHT long talking to each other! That's when we became such good friends. PLEASE take your SS's and eat prunes (and such) with every meal - believe me - even with that, you'll...
  4. Pattipoo

    Getting ready, need suggestions

    This came in VERY handy for my first TKR ---- I bought green Palmolive dish soap (I bought the gallon size at Sam's Club) and filled 2 heavy duty gallon freezer bags 1/2 full and popped in the freezer. (get excess air out) It makes the MOST WONDERFUL, pliable ice packs.....conforms to knee...
  5. Pattipoo

    When Did Everyone Drive After TKR?

    4 weeks....back to work full time......RTKR....no problems.
  6. Pattipoo

    New to Forum

    Welcome, Sandy. You've landed on Planet ORTHO! :skp: asketh and it will be answered-eth.
  7. Pattipoo

    Trip home

    Sat in the back seat of a very big SUV.....the dude that wheeled me out TOLD me how to get in the car....I sat my backside down and slid backwards.....no problems. Have a big fat pillow for your back.
  8. Pattipoo

    6:30 in the morning. Party Time!!!

    I get to go in the night before, also. I wish I was going tomorrow.....I'm sick of waiting! You'll be doing these:jump::jump::jump:in NO time!! Wishing you the VERY best!
  9. Pattipoo

    How Much Pain

    First time around, I took my meds for MONTHS and I have NO problem doing it again this time. I weaned off with no problem. Listen....you've just had your Femur and Tibia "VI-O-LATED"....it's gonna HOIT! TAKE your meds....BEND your knee...GET better...WEAN off. :thmb:
  10. Pattipoo

    HELP! My leg is "VERY" CROOKED 9 days post op

    Keep your feet up tomorrow....Monday, GET yourself to your OS's doorstep and don't leave until you see somebody. Even if it's his surgery day, somebody will be in that office to see you! Take your hubbie.....let him be your vocal/strong/ driving force! Stay strong, chica....
  11. Pattipoo

    Watching Actual TKR surgeries....

    JAMES-what a GREAT idea!
  12. Pattipoo

    Watching Actual TKR surgeries....

    I did this before my first TKR - couldn't stop watching surgeries! WELLL.....Here we go again! My family and co-workers are SICK - OF - IT!!! AND, I send TKR pics (the REALLY icky ones) to my friends and family!!! I WANT THEM TO KNOW WHY I FEEL BEAT UP FROM THE FEET UP!!!! I can't be the...
  13. Pattipoo

    HELP! My leg is "VERY" CROOKED 9 days post op

    Hunniebunn - I wish you ALL the best!
  14. Pattipoo

    Catching up again

    WASSUP puddin-pop?? Glad to see you're getting your "party" on, suzie Q! Good job!
  15. Pattipoo

    READY to GO!!

    Doug - I'm hoping this next one goes as smoothly as my first one. It's an amazing surgery! I wish you ALL the best in your recovery!
  16. Pattipoo

    READY to GO!!

    Looks like we're all READY to GO! I'm making a run to Trader Joe's to stock up on my favorite organic soups(and other things) this weekend....LOVE their boxed soups!! They also have a huge variety of dried fruits and ummmmm...we're gonna need ALL the fiber we can get our hands on!!! good luck...
  17. Pattipoo

    Whew! 19 days and counting

    This, AGAIN, shows how we women have to prepare for surgery....not only do we have to make sure that our houses are immaculate - we have to have our hair cut/colored....body waxed....manicure/pedicure - it's LIKE we're getting ready for a CRUISE without the FUN! like I said earlier.....my...
  18. Pattipoo

    Called For Surgery...For Tomorrow!!

    You did the right thing.....you need more time! It will take me the rest of these 3 1/2 weeks to get prepared! I cleaned out all of my closets on Sat......will have every cabinet....every drawer...every square inch of my house cleaned out before the 12th. Preparing for surgery is killer. I...
  19. Pattipoo

    The Operating List - just dates please, no chat, no questions

    Re: The Operating List - just dates please, no chat, no ques RTKR - 1-7-08 LTKR - 4-12-10 BRAIN TRANSPLANT with MONKEY:skp: - 10-10-10

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