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  1. Doug

    Back again 2

    I'm fine with Doug. Also please use the new email address.
  2. Doug

    Back again 2

    Hello Jo and Jamie. Looks like I'll be visiting again. I wish I could bring Patty Poo and Skeet but I think they're all replaced. I'm scheduled to have my other knee replaced Nov. 15. The site looks amazing. It sure has changed since the old days!
  3. Doug

    [TKR] Holly is bionic!!

    Re: Can you describe your pain?? Through all of my recovery, the pain I had was varying degrees of ache. Naturally, there was swelling and stiffness. But if you keep at the regime of rest, ice, pain pills and therapy, it goes away. For me the 3 and six month post op. times were big stages...
  4. Doug

    Knee Replacements Not Harmed by Most Sports

    I kneel all the time now. No problem at all. It took me two years to get over the "gross" feeling which was probably all mental. I also work out six days a week. My feeling is that if the knee fails, get it fixed and go back at it. Besides, one can live with a bum knee but we do have to...
  5. Doug

    WHAT are you going to do with it?

    I'm 3yrs7months post TKR. What do I do with it? Anything I want to. I even crawl on my knees without thinking about it now. A few weeks ago, I hit 12miles in 2 hours on the elliptical. I chased my 17 yr old lacrosse playing son......surprised the heck out of him..didn't catch him though...
  6. Doug

    Can someone please help me?

    Interesting, I googled a number of options and here is the only metal clamp I found. Its from the early 1900's.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1410630/pdf/annsurg00729-0143.pdf.
  7. Doug

    Knee Replacements Not Harmed by Most Sports

    Well, to throw my two cents in... If it feels good, do it!! Leave the "studies" to the Doctors. I work out 5-7 days per week. My Doctor said that if I wanted to continue practicing martial arts to have at it. His opinion is we need to enjoy life, do what we like, and if needed, he'll...
  8. Doug

    Clunking and clicking ......

    Delta, It wasn't until I read your post that I realised that I am now three days shy of my three year anniversary of having my knee replaced. During the post op period of rehab, I would frequently go to one of the indoor malls and walk. During those walks, I first encountered the clunking...
  9. Doug

    Recumbent Bicycle

    That's great. The stationary bike was critical to my recovery..Just don't over do it. And make sure you ice and elevate afterwards..
  10. Doug

    When did you get the feeling back?

    My feeling came back at about 1 1/2 years. It was very gradual though.. I really hadn't noticed it until I walked into a thorn vine.. However, I am still numb at the site of my ACL repair 15 years ago. I guess it isn't really a sure thing. If the knee works, the heck with a little numb skin.
  11. Doug


    You really are going to have to be patient with it......Now that I gave you that advice, I'll confess, at your stage, I was wondering if I would ever be normal again. My biggest problem was "impatience". I did so well post surgery, my Dr. released me from therapy at three weeks post op. He...
  12. Doug

    I just fell on my new knee:(

    Mary, I'm sure Jo and Jamie will attest to my various experiences. I've tripped, fallen, stumbled, and crawled on my new knee. Those things are tough....Now the skin over them....that's another story...Odd how I'm at a point where I have scars on top of scars.
  13. Doug

    Nordic walking poles

    I have hiking poles and I made nice walking staff out of a thick piece of bamboo I cut...I find that on rough terrain or even on a beach, it is great to have a pole for those odd balance times or to prod things I've discovered.
  14. Doug

    Will I ever bathe again?

    When I was a young officer, I had to respond to an "assist" call. An attractive young lady decided to take a bath. For some reason, she decided to stick her big toe in the faucet. It went in, but it didn't come back out. A room mate called 911. When the call came out, you can imagine that...
  15. Doug

    Hard to bend.

    Lump, I am a little over two years post op. I can tell you it will take at least one year for you to recover fully. Part of the issue is how bad was the joint prior to surgery. My TKR was my ninth on the right knee. The new joint is fantastic but I still have some scarring in the surrounding...
  16. Doug

    Early Progress Report

    My first months was a blur. My wife finally hid the meds from me. Sue, I well remember all of the difficulties with your first. Especially your ROM and sleepless nights. Glad this one is going so well. Like most of us, I would do it all over again.
  17. Doug

    One week later

    Sue.. your legs still look great!!!! er, I mean, ahhhhh wow, nice recovery....just sayin'
  18. Doug

    PT Sessions

    I had a few at home then my Dr. just let me go to the gym and workout.

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