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    [TKR] After 9 weeks, am I doing okay?

    The stiffness will go away, but it takes months, probably a year for me before I didn't have to 'just move my knee'. It did not like staying in any one position for very long. Hang in, it will go away. Everyone is different for the meds, but you seem about right, from what I remember. The PT...
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    Recovery for njones

    Going to try to make New Years at some point, we don't usually see midnight around here. I am really glad that you and Ref are still giving back. I feel kind of bad sometimes for not doing the same, but I always a selfish sort. Anyhow, good to see there are still some of my bff's kicking around...
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    Recovery for njones

    My RTKR was exactly 4 years ago today, the knee is great but I never was normal. This forum was the greatest thing that happened to me after the surgery. I don't think there was ever a greater group of people to help each other than my fellow Bonesmart folks back in those days. Ref, it is good...
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    Thanks Josephine, still reliable as ever. I know what you mean about the brain being a powerful adversary, God knows mine has caused quite a bit of mischief for me. I'm not sure with my employee how big that role is, he is a hard worker but he is also a male................we all know the...
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    One of my employees hurt his shoulder back in April, they did the therapy thing for a while and then operated. I THINK it was rotator cuff repair, but I'm not sure. Surgery was done the last week of May. He has not been very dilligent with his post-op therapy but has made some progress. He...
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    My hamstrings are the only thing I've got that is tight, might not be strong but they're tight. I'll give those curls a try and see what happens. Preshate it Doug.
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    By the way shuga, don't go "ohhhhhh" like that in the morning..............makes me forget what I'm doin..............just sayin.
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    If ya count going about my 'normal' day a workout.............then yeah, I been all over that. Seriously, I have wondered about maybe weak quads being the culprit. Heck, could be weak anything, includin a weak mind. I really think a 'set screw' needs adjusting. You know, like somethings going...
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    Josephine, can ya help an ol' friend?

    My 'not so new' knee is doing good overall, but when I stand, it goes past straight (I think that's hyper-extension) like it did before the replacement, both of my knees have always done that. The problem is that now it hurts and seems to stiffen if I stand for more than a couple of minutes like...
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    Driving Post Op?

    As long as you can sit in the car and move your feet comfortably on the petals, you should be able to drive. Understand that your reaction time may be slower than normal due to your knee being stiff, Also, sitting in one position and not able to move your knee much will cause discomfort. Don't...
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    ROM Realities

    lg, it has been awhile since I've posted here although I keep a check on the board from time to time. I had the TKR on 12/28/07, so I'm something over 6 months out. When I found this board at about 3 weeks, I was so desparate for help, answers, encouragement that I would have done pretty much...
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    Need a reality check....

    Weezy, listen to them. Take your pain meds so that you don't hurt and feel more like doing stuff. If you really want to drop one, then drop the muscle relaxer. That's probably what is making you groggy. Nobody is going to give you 'bonus points' for dropping the pills so take them if you need...
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    Newbie peeking in the door....

    Jenn, I am looking into male prostitution but honestly there haven't been many calls for 50 something
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    Newbie peeking in the door....

    It won't be this year, too many medical bills from somewhere, but I can definately see a 'bike trip' to the west coast in the future.
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    Newbie peeking in the door....

    Pattipoo swoops in for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    anyone opt out of MUA and regret it?

    Jenn, you are soooooooooo right about wife staying = good for gat. Her temper can be rough sometimes, but I can deal with that much better than being without her. She and I really make a good pair because we react to things differently and after the initial 'differance of opinion' wind up...
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    Baby Steps Rock

    Congrats Char! You keep workin that lil bike and you'll be back on your 'real bike' before you know it.
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    The Bumpy Road To Recovery Part Deux

    northman, did you go out on FMLA? If so, that holds your job for 12 weeks. Legally, you can request that now if you have not done so, but they can make it harder for you to get it. Agreeing with Josephine, you need paperwork from your OS, keep a copy and give one to your boss. As to the work...
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    Finally off the dope

    Josephine, that lapse can be covered by, 'Moderator in moderation".........just sayin.
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    Newbie peeking in the door....

    Beachy, Put me down for "Petticoat Junction" for $100. Welcome Weezy. This a good place with lots of nice folks, regardless of what you may have heard. God bless you, post early and often.

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