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    5 year anniversary

    Thanks, Shelly. I don't have a Baker's cyst, its a fluid filled sac inside the bone of my knee cap if I understood it correctly. The doctor isn't sure what it is. So I have an MRI coming up to figure it ouit.
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    5 year anniversary

    I'm coming up on 5 years since my TKR on my left knee. Hard to believe. I saw the OS today and he is tickled pink about my knee's progress. The x-rays were gorgeous and even the other knee looked great with one exception. My ROM is amazing (partly thanks to yoga) and I have no issues to speak...
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    Encouragement for the future

    Just wanted to drop in and provide some encouragement for folks recuperating from TKRs. I had my left knee replaced in December 2007. After my recuperation I wanted to get into some sort of exercise I enjoyed and looked forward to. Three months ago I finally found something I love and enjoy but...
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    Announcement - new Admin on staff

    Re: Announcement Congratulations, Jamie!! I'm so happy for you. You have done an excellent job and I'm excited to see Bonesmart branching out. God bless!
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    [TKR] My post-op blog!

    Jo, I just found this blog thread. You are amazing! Your posts from the beginning are coherent and grammatically correct. And the descriptions are so perfect it takes me right back to my first few weeks. I had a beautiful solid purple bruise from the point of the tourniquet to my ankle. My OS...
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    Josephine Status Report

    I'm so happy and relieved to hear Jo is finally home. That's when my healing really started. Being home is so rewarding and comforting. Can't wait to hear from Jo directly. Jo, as others have reminded you - take your pills befor you are in pain, ice and elevate regulalry, and always keep...
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    Josephine Status Report

    So sorry to hear Jo has to stay in the hospital longer than anticipated or desired. It will be so great for her when she gets home. Do you all remember how wonderful that felt? And the first real shower? Those memories linger, so they were good ones. She'll be home before she knows it and will...
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    Josephine Status Report

    I can only imagine being one of Jo's nurses... I wouldn't want to mess up! She could probably teach them a lot about medicine and bedside manner!! Jo, so glad to hear such great news about your recovery! It will be full of ups and downs and we will be here to help you through them all! Pop a...
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    Josephine Status Report

    Jo, I've been praying like crazy for you and it sounds like prayers are being answered with a resounding, YES! I'm so happy to hear how well you are doing. Remember all the great advice you've given us... pain pills before pain hits, doing exercises, stool softeners, etc. Hopefully you learned a...
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    This is THE day ....

    Jo, sorry I just saw this thread and read through it. I hope the toe heals soon and that you get scheduled for the RTKR soon. All in God's time. He is in control and will orchestrate the perfect time, surgeon, caregivers, etc. Praises that you have a friend to come be with you for a while...
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    how long to use my toilet raiser?!

    Re: Picture Gallery chat Interesting change of topic, Irene. I used mine for about 7-8 weeks after my TKR. I still go into the handicapped stalls so I can use the higher seat.
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    Did anyone else have doubts up till the last minute?

    I had doubts, but mostly afterwards!! I wondered why the H - LL I had done this to myself. But a few weeks out, I was happy and knew why. I wanted a better quality of life and I have it now. Except for kneeling on my "new" knee, I can do most everything I need or want to do. You will be SOOOO...
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    One year ago today!!

    Doug - nicely done! And congrats on the anniversary. I can't believe it has been a year already. Seems like just yesterday we were all worried about scars and swelling, crying jags, drug addictions. Now here we are a year later and our knees really aren't much of a concern. I do notice that I...
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    Knee Replacement long term scar issues

    I'm a year out from my TKR and the scar is light pink at times, but turns darker and purplish when I take my showers, stand for longer periods, etc. It burns at times or stings (not sure how to describe it). I figure if it isn't bleeding or infected, I'm good with it.
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    A new runner?

    My OS also advised no running (not that I had any intention or desire to run - except for my life or my kids/pets). Walking was advised along with swimming and any low impact sport (are there any low impact sports that are fun?). Said I could do doubles tennis now and then, but I only know one...
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    What a Difference a Year Makes...

    Are we signing in on the social network or here?? And I have my 1 yr anniversary on 12-17. I'm doing great. I will warn folks that you do have to keep up with the exercise or you will start to lose the ROM you have. don't know how long you have to keep it up, but at least a year for sure. I...
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    Where it all began: The Wrightington Hip Centre

    THanks, Jo. I love when you share all this cool stuff. You are a walking historian.
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    Yoga after btkr?

    The kneeling is still an issue for me. Otherwise I can bend and stretch in most all directions well. And it feels good. I am at 9+ months PO. Still have some tightness in the knee area when I bend it to the fullest extent but I think I could do most yoga poses, just not the ones where I have to...
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    pain when walking

    John, I'm at 9+ months PO. I am so saddened by your news. Know that you are being lifted up in prayer daily and that you will get through this set back. Thank God there is something that can be done for you. Watch the folks in the hospital and don't hesitate to ask each person that touches you...
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    kneeling on my job!

    I'm at 8 months and while I can kneel it is uncomfortable and a little creepy. I can do it though.

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