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  1. Nursepair

    [TKR] Josephine's knee story

    Sorry to hear you are still having so much trouble with your recovery Jo. Hope the new strength of pills works OK. Could they be the reason for the trots though? Sending love and (((HUGS))) Sue xoxoxoxo:friends:
  2. Nursepair

    [TKR] Josephine's knee story

    Dearest Jo, Just been reading your roller coaster reports here. I am so sorry you had to go through all that. I was just thinking it might be an infection after all when you said the GP said no. I am glad she has taken blood though to make sure. I can't believe it has been that long since I last...
  3. Nursepair

    [TKR] Josephine's knee story

    Jo, so sorry to hear you have been having so much trouble with your leg. Are you sure you should be without a crutch or anything yet? I used my walker for many weeks before using a cane. So pleased your neighbour has been so good to you, you certainly deserve some TLC. I will call you again...
  4. Nursepair

    [TKR] Josephine's knee story

    Jo, I am am so sorry not to have messaged before, had some trouble with mu computer, but all is well now :-) So pleased you are home and managing at home OK so far. Sorry abouit the idiot nurse though I will try calling tomorrow sometime, have physio sometime, need to check the time then will...
  5. Nursepair

    Josephine joins the ranks of the marginally terrified

    Hi Jo, Just popped on after many, many months to see if there is to be a New Years Eve Party theis year and saw this post first. So pleased you are going to be able to get that knee replaced. Just 8 dys to go now eh? Want you to know I will be thinking of you on the 7th, as I so often think of...
  6. Nursepair


    hi elly, welcome to bonesmart, you couldn't have come to a better place. you will find lots of information and support here. jo and jamie are the best people ever :) i have had two total knee replacements, one in 2008 and the other in 2010. i have remained friends with many of the former...
  7. Nursepair

    For jo and jamie mostly

    I don't have a copy of x ray yet jo they say it is a distal fracture of the femur in my right leg broken in 3 places so quite close to the tkr .i will go see my tkr surgeon before new onr to get another xray. I have a plate and scews innow. He said it was close t the replacement. Sorry about...
  8. Nursepair

    For jo and jamie mostly

    Thank you so much to those who replied , i had forgotten how warming it would feel again to have so much support and love here on our wonderful forum. We are all such a unique family eh? I am still very much in contact with the "old timers" of this same family now on facebook, which is one of...
  9. Nursepair

    For jo and jamie mostly

    Hey bonemarties. It has been so long that ihave been on that there won't be too many who will know me. Well on saturday i had just filled up with gas locally andafter i had paid returned to my car only to step on an oil patch and down i went yellin out "my knee my knee". I was wedged between the...
  10. Nursepair

    [TKR] Jamie's 2rd TKR Recovery Saga

    Hi Jamie, I am so sorry I hadn't realised you had your 2nd TKR. I spoke to Jo this evening so she let me know. Glad all is going so well for you :dancy: Differnt from the last time eh? Can you believe that was about 5 years ago? What fun and tears we all shared then, I remember it all so well...
  11. Nursepair

    [TKR] People are making me feel like a wimp after RTKR

    Oh Sunnie, that is so unfair to be told that. It took me a full year to recover from my first TKR. That was also how long I was at Physio for. Didn't drive for 12 weeks!! My second was faster and easier, so not only is everyone different but every TKR can be different. Hang in there and let the...
  12. Nursepair

    3 Weeks Late!!

    Hi all my lovely friends at Bonesmart. Just realised I have completely missed my 2ndTKR Anniversary by 3 weeks, ity has been 3 years now. :umm: Guess it feels so good I don't have time to think about it so often. So once again thank you to all of you for your support over the past 5 years with...
  13. Nursepair

    [TKR] 5th Year Anniversary

    Oh my !! Nearly forgot my 5th RTKR Anniversary today. Thanks to all my BS Friends/Family, I owe you all so much for the help and encouragement and the laughter and, yes, sometimes (well often with me) the tears. I would have had trouble recovering if it hadn't been for this website. I wish I had...
  14. Nursepair

    Good luck on your surgery 17 December Josephine!

    Oh Jo. I am so sorry I almost forgot you were going for surgery in November. Jsut want to wish you all the luck in the world and send love and (((HUGS))) from me and Kevin, So good seeing you back in September :friends: xoxoxooxox
  15. Nursepair

    Question please

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the info. My surgeon more or less admitted once that the first TKR may have been a bit tighter than it should be, I have never got as much flexion back in that one. No other problems so far though. The 2nd one tends to give way on me on the very odd occasion...
  16. Nursepair

    Question please

    I heard recently that they are re calling patients with a Zimmer Gender and having to do revisions. Anyone heard anything about this please :what: Thanks, Sue @Josephine:
  17. Nursepair

    Questions about post op

    Skigirl had a remarkable recovery!! I couldn't drive for 12 weeks for my first TKR, it was my right knee and it took a long time to bend it enough. Besides that I was on Percocets and they made me very sleepy and not to co herant. I was unable to stand long enough to make meals so my hubby...
  18. Nursepair

    Questions about post op

    I managed stairs at home well enough to go up to my own bed, but that was my chioce, I love the comfort of my own bed. I was allowed a showre the day after surgery, with help and a waterprrof protection, I live in Canada too but hospitals vary in their opinions. When I got home I put my leg...
  19. Nursepair

    Just joined

    The sooner you can get this done the quicker you will be back to enjoying your life again, painfree (after a pretty gruelling recovery period) but believe me, it is well worth the effort . Welcome to a wonderful forum :flowerysmile:
  20. Nursepair

    [TKR] Anniversaries

    Hi Old and New friends Just realised I have recently passed my 3 and 4 year TKR aniversaries :yes 4: It's really great now that I can forget them, finally. It's almost hard to remember the amount of pain I went through and all the tears and depression and sleepless nights too!! So, all you...

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