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  1. tapan

    [REVISION THR] How long does the limp last after surgery<

    Hi folks. I had my hip revised 3 weeks ago. I would say that my recovery is going pretty good. I am pretty much pain free but my muscles around my hip still feel pretty tight when I walk or do my physio. I stopped taking my pain meds 2 weeks out. I used a walker for the first 2 weeks and have...
  2. tapan

    Metallosis: Revision LTHR in 3 weeks

    Hey guys! It has been a while since I have last visited! I am excited and nervous to start off a new year with a revision left THR on Jan 22. Hoping for a good positive outcome post op. I have researched extensively about revision procedures and their success rates. Let's just say there is a...
  3. tapan

    2 months post OP. Came home with bad news :(

    Hello my dear fellow hippies. I have come to you for advise and help once again. Yesterday was my 2 months post OP appointment. After taking the X-rays, my surgeon noticed a small gap (i guess you can call it dead-space) between the new metal joint and my natural pelvic bone. I don't know if I...
  4. tapan

    Enemy (arthiritic pain) is back after hip replacement surgery!

    A week ago from now, I felt slight arthritic pain in my left hip for a couple of minutes. I thought, what the hell I won't worry too much about it. I thought it was due to excess stress of driving and walking on the new hip. However, the same thing happened today but it lasted me about a couple...
  5. tapan

    2 weeks post OP!

    Hey guys! I am very delighted to share my recovery with y'all. Pain has almost gone. It does come back with excessive walking/exercising but its very tolerable. Incision looks great as well and I have started to take showers the good ol' way. NO MORE SPONGE BATHS! :evil: At about 1.5 weeks, I...
  6. tapan

    6 day post OP!!!

    Hey guys! I finally got discharged from the hospital yesterday. At the moment, I cannot walk without a walker and have some difficulty getting on and out of the bed. My left leg still feels a bit heavy and my left ankle feels numb throughout the day (has been like that since day 0). The reason...
  7. tapan

    Cold/Fever 2 days before surgery! FREAKING OUT!!!

    Hi everyone. My LTHR surgery is set on July 15th, 2009 (just 2 days) and currently I have a very mild cold with a very slight fever (just because body feels warm but otherwise thermometer reports body temperature normal). I have been treating it the entire day today by making sure I gargle with...
  8. tapan

    Work/Job after LTHR?

    Hey Guys, I am 21 years old and my LTHR surgery is due in about 5 days from now (July15/09 to be precise). SOOO HAPPY!!! Wow I sound like a little girl thats about to get her new pony. Last year I worked for my university as a computer technician which essentially required me to sit at a desk...
  9. tapan

    Recovery time after LTHR?

    Hello folks. I'm 21 years old and have a scheduled LTHR on Jul 15, 2009. Doctor advised me that my recovery will take about 6 weeks and I can start driving after 6 weeks as well. This is a primary concern for me as I start university (4th year) in 2nd week of September. This means I have exactly...
  10. tapan

    I'm 21 undergoing LHR on July 15 - need pre OP and post OP advises please

    Hi guys. I came across this wonderful forum through my best friend Google. I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with perthes syndrome at the age of 4. Later, this syndrome led to avascular necrosis (AVN) which eventually exhausted most of the cartilage in my left hip. I now have osteoarthritis...

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