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  1. KnightHawk

    Hip Arthroscopy 3 months post op

    Mri got pushed back to later this week
  2. KnightHawk

    Hip Arthroscopy 3 months post op

    Here is my last mri last year CONUS MEDULLARIS: Normal in position and appearance. Conus ends at the level of L1-L2. LUMBAR VERTEBRAL BODIES: No compression fracture or subluxation. Normal marrow signal. DISK SPACES: Disc desiccation is seen at the level of L4-L5 and L5-S1. T12-L1: No...
  3. KnightHawk

    Hip Arthroscopy 3 months post op

    The MRI is this Thursday.
  4. KnightHawk

    Hip Arthroscopy 3 months post op

    Hi Jacey! Thanks for your response. I will attempt to answer all of your questions. I did have followup with surgeon and he referred me to Dr. Pascual in St Louis for ischial bursitis and hamstring issues as well. Some doctors I've been to see are convinced it is piriformis so I have another...
  5. KnightHawk

    Hip Arthroscopy 3 months post op

    Hi everyone, Had FAI and labral repair surgery on July, 21 2020. Have had a long history of hip/hamstring/flute/lower back pain. Was really hoping the surgery was going to improve my pain when I sit down dramatically. It did help with some of the actual hip pain(3 month post op went well doc...
  6. KnightHawk

    Need help to change username

    Would be great if someone could change my username for me to KnightHawk.


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